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2023 Heinlein Award Winner

This year’s winner of the Robert A. Heinlein Award is John Scalzi. The award will be presented at Balticon 57 in Maryland on May 26, 2023.

The award has been presented since 2003 to honor writers of outstanding published works in hard science fiction or technical writings that inspire the human exploration of space. Previous winners include Arthur C. Clarke, Larry Niven, Joe Haldeman, Connie Willis, Geoffrey A. Landis, and Gregory Benford.


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2022 Otherwise Award winners and honor list


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The Otherwise Award winners and honor list titles for works published in 2021 have been announced. Winners are Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki, and Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon.

The Otherwise Award, formerly the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, goes to works of science fiction or fantasy that “expand and explore our understanding of gender.” This is the third year the Otherwise Award has been given; the Tiptree Award was given from 1992 to 2019.

(Note that for consistency on this site these are considered the “2022” Otherwise Awards, despite the belated announcement of the results in January 2023.)


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2023 Philip K. Dick Award finalists


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This year’s finalists are Rebecca Campbell, Kimberly Unger, Rachel Swirsky, Tade Thompson, C.J. Carey, and Rich Larson. The winner will be announced April 7, 2023.

Tade Thompson has been a finalist twice before. The others are all first-time finalists.

Last year’s winner was Kali Wallace, for Deadspace, with a special citation to Lavie Tidhar for The Escapement.

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Year-End Updates

Assorted results announced in recent weeks include:

SFWA’s Grand Master Award for 2023 to Robin McKinley.


Rotsler Awards for 2022, to Ulrika O’Brien, and for 2021, to Tim Kirk.


Hall of Fame nominees for the 2023 Prometheus Awards.


The Premio Italia award for international novel, to Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi.


SFPA Grand Master Awards, compiled here with the Rhyslings, for 2022 and several earlier years.


Forry Award for lifetime achievement, to Octavia E. Butler

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2022 Rhysling Long Poem Winner

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The winner of the Long Poem category of the Rhysling Awards has been announced: “The Bookstore” by Beth Cato. The winner in the Short Poem category was announced in June: “Confessions of a Spaceport AI” by Mary Soon Lee.

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