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2022 Rhysling Long Poem Winner

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The winner of the Long Poem category of the Rhysling Awards has been announced: “The Bookstore” by Beth Cato. The winner in the Short Poem category was announced in June: “Confessions of a Spaceport AI” by Mary Soon Lee.

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2022 World Fantasy Awards Winners


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Winners of this year’s awards, presented November 6th at the World Fantasy Convention in New Orleans, are books by Tasha Suri, Premee Mohamed, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, and Usman T. Malik (shown above), short fiction by Lauren Ring, artist Tran Nguyen, and special awards to Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda and to Tonia Ransom.

Life Achievement awards, announced earlier, went to Samuel R. Delany and Terri Windling.

Except for Terri Windling, all winners are first-time World Fantasy winners, and of them only Usman T. Malik has been previously nominated, twice (one of them this year). Windling has won nine times before, among many nominations.

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2022 Shirley Jackson Winners


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Winners of this year’s awards, presented on October 29th at the Boston Book Festival in association with Readercon, are works by Stephen Graham Jones, Zin E. Rocklyn, E.A. Petricone, Isabel J. Kim, Keith Rosson, and (in a tie for anthology) Eric J. Guignard and dave ring. A special award to Ellen Datlow was announced earlier.

This is Jones’ third award for My Heart Is a Chainsaw. It also won a Bram Stoker Award and a Locus Award. He also won last year for The Only Good Indians and the year before for novella “Night of the Mannequins”.

All others this year are first-time Shirley Jackson winners. The nominations and wins for E.A. Petricone, Isabel J. Kim, and Keith Rosson are their first in this entire index.


Source: Locus Online, 31 Oct 2022.

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Assorted 2022 Winners

Results from recent months have been posted for the following awards:

Analog Readers Poll, Dwarf Stars, Elgin, Geffen, Ignotus, Lasswitz, Rhysling, Seiun, SFRA, Writers and Illustrators of the Future

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2022 Clarke Winner

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The winner of this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award is Harry Josephine Giles’ Deep Wheel Orcadia.

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