Names Har-Haz

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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Haran, Joan
Haraway, Donna
Harbottle, Philip
Harbour, Carlie
Harby, Ryan & Laura
Harcourt, Glenn
Hardaker, Caroline
Harden, Laurie -C
Hardesty, Emma
Hardin, Nils
Hardin, Rob
Harding, Lee -C -T
Hardinge, Frances -C -T
Hardman, Gabriel
Hardman, M. J.
Hardwick, C. Stuart -C -T
Hardy, David
Hardy, David A. -C -T
Hardy, Lyndon
Hardy, Melissa
Hardy, Rob
Hardy, Thomas
Hare, Emily
Hareven, Gail
Hargrave, John
Hargrave, Scott Frederick
Hargreaves, H. A.
Haringa, Jack M.
Harington, Donald
Harkaway, Nick -C -T
Harkey, Sue Ann
Harkness, Dean
Harlan, Thomas -C -T
Harland, Richard -C -T
Harlow, Joel
Harman, Christopher
Harman, Dominic -C -T
Harmon, Jim
Harms, William
Harness, Charles L. -C -T
Harper, George W.
Harper, Jase
Harper, Jonathan
Harper, Norm
Harper, Rita-elizabeth
Harper, Rory
Harper, Steven -C -T
Harper, Vincent
Harpold, Terry
Harpster, Steve
Harrad, Kate
Harrell, D. Fox
Harrell, Stephanie
Harries, Elizabeth Wanning
Harriman, Lucas H.
Harrington, Emmalia
Harris, Alan Lee
Harris, Anne
Harris, Arlene C.
Harris, Boyd E.
Harris, Brent A.
Harris, Brent A.
Harris, Charlaine -C -T
Harris, Christine
Harris, Chuck
Harris, Clare Winger
Harris, Colin
Harris, Daniel
Harris, Deborah Turner
Harris, Dell -C -T
Harris, Dwayne
Harris, George M.
Harris, Geraldine
Harris, Jason Marc
Harris, Joanne M.
Harris, Joel Chandler
Harris, John -C -T
Harris, John B.
Harris, Lee -C
Harris, Mark H.
Harris, Narelle
Harris, Narrelle M.
Harris, Raymond
Harris, Robert
Harris, Rosemary
Harris, S.
Harris, Thomas -C -T
Harrison, Harry -C -T
Harrison, Kim
Harrison, M. John -C -T
Harrison, Mark -C -T
Harrison, Niall -C -T
Harrison, Rachel
Harrison, Shirley
Harrison, William
Harrison, Yvonne
Harrold, A. F.
Harrow, Alix E. -C -T
Harryhausen, Ray -C
Harse, Katie
Hart, Cassie
Hart, Diana
Hart, James S.
Hart, Jo
Hart, Lenore
Hart, Rob
Harte, Aidan
Harte, Bret
Hartenbaum, Alissa
Hartland, Dan
Hartley, A. J.
Hartley, L. P.
Hartman, David
Hartman, Jed
Hartman, Keith
Hartman, Rachel -C -T
Hartman, Sue Kepros
Hartmann, Felix O.
Hartmann, Gregor
Hartmann, Ivor W.
Hartmann, Sadie
Hartmann, William K.
Hartnett, Sonya
Hartney, Sheila
Hartridge, Jon
Hartwell, David G. -C -T
Harvey, Alyxandra
Harvey, Andrew J.
Harvey, Brennan
Harvey, Colin
Harvey, Edwina -C -T
Harvey, Euan
Harvey, Jon
Harvey, Ryan
Harvey, William F.
Harvia, Teddy -C
Harwood, John
Harwood-Smith, Jennifer
Hase, Ryohei
Hasford, Gustav
Haskell, Jeffery H.
Haskell, Merrie
Haskins, Maria
Haslow, Patrick
Hassall, Peter
Hassan, Rob
Hasse, Henry
Hassler, Donald M.
Hasson, Guy
Hastings, Ashley J.
Hastings, Kent J.
Hastings, Milo
Hatch, Daniel -C -T
Hatch, George
Hatfield, Katy
Hatfield, Len
Hatzopoulou, Kika
Hauptmann, Richard A.
Häussler, Herbert
Haut, Mavis
Hautala, Rick
Hautman, Peter
Haverkos, Larry S.
Haverty, John W., Jr.
Haw, Mark D.
Hawdon, Robin
Hawk, Jordan L.
Hawk, Shane
Hawke, Roseanne
Hawke, Sam -C -T
Hawken, Tim
Hawkes, Angeline
Hawkes, Emma
Hawkes, Judith
Hawking, Lucy
Hawking, Stephen
Hawkins, Daniel
Hawkins, Jack
Hawkins, Jim
Hawkins, Peter
Hawkins, Rich
Hawkins, Willard E.
Hawksmoor, Cae
Haworth-Attard, Barbara
Hawthorne, Don
Hawthorne, Julian
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Hay, George
Hay, James, Jr.
Hayden, Cam
Haydon, Elizabeth -C -T
Haydon, Julie
Hayes, Josh
Hayes, Michael C.
Hayes, Terry
Hayles, N. Katherine
Hayman, David
Hayman, Judith -C
Haynes, Nalini
Haynes, Simon -C -T
Hayter, David
Hayward, Amber
Hayward, Chuck
Hayward, Matt
Hayward, William
Hazan, David
Hazel, Paul
Hazlett, Sean
Hazlett, Sean Patrick
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