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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Modesitt, L. E., Jr.
Moebius/Jean Giraud -C
Moeller, Christopher
Moench, Doug
Moers, Walter
Moestra, Rebecca
Moffat, June
Moffat, Len
Moffat, Steven -C
Moffatt, Len
Moffett, Judith -C -T
Moffitt, Donald
Mogk, Matt
Mohan, Kim -C
Mohan, Steven, Jr.
Mohanraj, Mary Anne
Mohapel, Charles
Moher, Aidan
Mohr, Erik -C
Mohrbacher, Peter
Moir, Mike
Mok, D. K. -C -T
Molchan, Mark
Molendyk, Christina
Moles, David -C -T
Molina-Gavilan, Yolanda
Mollica, Gene
Molloy, Tim
Moloney, James
Moloney, Susie
Monaco, Richard
Monae, Janelle
Monaghan, Sean
Monahan, Jacq
Monahan, Jacqueline
Monakhova, Vlada
Mond, Ian -C -T
Mondal, Mimi
Monette, Sarah -C -T
Monge, Jean-Baptiste
Monk, Devon
Monster, Sfé
Monteleone, Elizabeth
Monteleone, Oliva F.
Monteleone, Thomas F. -C -T
Montgomerie, Lee
Montgomery, Carla
Montgomery, Helen J.
Montgomery, Nicole
Monti, Joe
Montini, Tanya
Moody, Nikkianne
Moody, Rick
Moon, Elizabeth -C -T
Mooney, J. E.
Moorcock, Michael -C -T
Moore, Alan -C -T
Moore, Alison
Moore, Brian
Moore, C. L. -C -T
Moore, Chris -C -T
Moore, Christopher
Moore, Clayburn -C -T
Moore, Don
Moore, Fiona
Moore, James A.
Moore, Janice
Moore, Jeffrey
Moore, John
Moore, Jonathan
Moore, Karl-Rene
Moore, Marian
Moore, Matt -C -T
Moore, Nancy Jane
Moore, Patrick
Moore, Perry
Moore, Ralph Robert
Moore, Raylyn
Moore, Richard
Moore, Ronald D.
Moore, Terry
Moore, Ward
Mootoo, Shani
Mór, Caiseal
Moraine, Sunny
Morais, Larissa
Morales, Luis G.
Moran, Daniel Keys
Moravian, Anthony
Mordecai, Pamela
Morden, Simon
More, Thomas
Morehead, John W.
Morehouse, Lyda
Moreno, Fernando Ángel
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia -C -T
Morgan, Cheryl -C -T
Morgan, Chris
Morgan, Darin
Morgan, Grant Avery
Morgan, Jack
Morgan, Lou
Morgan, Louisa
Morgan, Maggie
Morgan, Pauline
Morgan, Richard -C -T
Morgan, Robert
Morgan, Sally
Morgana -C
Morganfield, T. L.
Morgenstern, Erin
Moriarty, Chris -C -T
Moriarty, Jaclyn
Morioka, Atsushi
Morlan, A. R.
Morley, Christopher
Morley, Lewis -C -T
Moroz, Anne
Morrell, David -C -T
Morrell, Kirstin
Morressy, John -C -T
Morries, Edward
Morrill, Rowena -C -T
Morris, Belinda
Morris, Desmond
Morris, Gerald
Morris, Harry O., Jr. -C
Morris, Jackie
Morris, Jan
Morris, Janet
Morris, Kelsi
Morris, Kenneth
Morris, Mark -C -T
Morris, Susana
Morris, William
Morrish, Robert
Morrison, Grant
Morrison, John A.
Morrison, Michael A.
Morrison, Patricia K.
Morrison, Rusty
Morrison, Stan
Morrison, Stanley W.
Morrison, Toni
Morrison, William
Morrissey, Dean -C -T
Morrissey, Pat -C
Morrow, Bradford
Morrow, Gray
Morrow, James -C -T
Morrow, Kathryn
Morse, David
Morse, Donald
Morse, Drew
Morton, Lisa -C -T
Morton, Oliver
Moscoe, Mike
Moser, Elise
Moshfegh, Ottessa
Mosiman, Billie Sue
Moskowitz, Christine
Moskowitz, Sam -C -T
Mosley, Walter -C -T
Moss, Sue
Mosse, Kate
Mosser, Susan
Mostert, Natasha
Moszkowski, Alexandr
Mota, Bernardo
Moudy, Walter F.
Mousarris, Stelios
Mowbray, Chris
Moye, Robin Calfee
Moyer, Lee
Moylan, Tom
Mrozek, Slawomir
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