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Where and When: InterAction, Glasgow : August 7, 2005
Eligibility Year: 2004
Associated Awards: John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (also listed below)
  • Winner: “The Faery Handbag”, Kelly Link (The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm)
  • “Biographical Notes to ‘A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-Planes' by Benjamin Rosenbaum”, Benjamin Rosenbaum (All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories)
  • “The Clapping Hands of God”, Michael F. Flynn (Analog Jul/Aug 2004)
  • “The People of Sand and Slag”, Paolo Bacigalupi (F&SF Feb 2004)
  • “The Voluntary State”, Christopher Rowe (Sci Fiction 5 May 2004)
Short Story
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Dramatic Presentation: Long Form
  • Winner: The Incredibles (Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios; Written & Directed by Brad Bird)
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Focus Features; Story by Charlie Kaufman & Michael Gondry & Pierre Bismuth; Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman; Directed by Michael Gondry)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Warner Brothers; Written by Steve Kloves; Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling; Directed by Alfonso Cuarón)
  • Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow (Paramount Pictures; Written & Directed by Kerry Conran)
  • Spider-Man 2 (Sony Pictures Entertainment / Columbia Pictures; Screen Story by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar and Michael Chabon; Screenplay by Alvin Sargent; Based on the comic book by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko; Directed by Sam Raimi)
Dramatic Presentation: Short Form
  • Winner: Battlestar Galactica: “33” (NBC Universal Television / The Sci Fi Channel / Sky One; Written by Ronald D. Moore; Directed by Michael Rymer)
  • Angel: “Smile Time” (20th Century Fox Television / Mutant Enemy; Story by Joss Whedon & Ben Edlund; Teleplay by Ben Edlund; Directed by Ben Edlund)
  • Angel: “Not Fade Away” (20th Century Fox Television / Mutant Enemy; Written by Jeffrey Bell & Joss Whedon; Directed by Jeffrey Bell)
  • Lost: “Pilot Episode” (Touchstone Television / Bad Robot; Story by Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof; Teleplay by J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof; Directed by: J.J. Abrams)
  • Stargate SG-1: “Heroes Part I & 2” (MGM Television / The Sci Fi Channel; Written by Robert C. Cooper; Directed by Andy Mikita)
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