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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Ma, Ling
Maaren, Kari -C -T
Mtt, Jerry
Maberry, Jonathan -C -T
Mac, Carrie
Mac, Garry
MacApp, C. C.
Macardle, Dorothy
MacArdry, Kevin
Macaulay, David
Macaulay, Rose
MacAvoy, R. A. -C -T
MacBeth, George
Macbride, Alexander
MacCaith, C. S.
MacClure, Victor
MacColl, Hugh
MacCormack, Patricia
MacCulloch, Simon
MacDibble, Bren
MacDonald, Angus
MacDonald, Anson
MacDonald, George
MacDonald, Graeme
Macdonald, James D.
MacDonald, John D.
MacDonald, Mark
MacDonald, Philip
Macdonald, Ross
MacDougall, Larry
Mace, David
Mace, Elisabeth
Mace, Jennifer
MacEwen, P. H.
MacEwen, Pat
MacEwen, Patricia
MacFadyen, A. B. L., Jr.
MacFarlane, Alex Dally
MacFarlane, Wallace
MacGregor, Blair
MacGregor, Loren J.
MacGregor, Susan
Machado, Carmen Maria -C -T
Machen, Arthur
MacIntyre, F. Gwynplaine
MacIsaac, Fred
Mack, Scott
Mackay, A. L.
MacKay, M. Sargent
MacKay, Scott
Mackelworth, R. W.
Mackenroth, Nancy
Mackenzie, Ames
Mackenzie, Anna
MacKenzie, Johnathan Blake
Mackey, Douglas A.
Mackey, Margaret
Mackey, Mary
Mackin, Edward
Maclachlan, Mary
MacLaughlin, Nina
MacLaurin, Wayne
Maclay, John
MacLean, Glynne
MacLean, Katherine -C -T
MacLean, Kevin
Maclean, Kevin G.
MacLennan, Phyllis
MacLennan, Sally
MacLeod, Alison
MacLeod, Bracken
MacLeod, Catherine A.
MacLeod, Doug
MacLeod, Ian R. -C -T
MacLeod, Ken -C -T
Macleod, Lee
MacLeod, Sheila
MacMillan, Kathy
MacNally, Jan
MacNutt, Toby
Macomber, Patricia Lee
Macrae, Andrew
MacRae, Michael
Madariaga, Salvador de
Madden, Terry
Maddern, Philippa C. -C -T
Maddox, Tom
Maddux, Rachel
Madiar, Olga
Madison, Bennett
Madison, Kevin B.
Madle, Robert A. -C
Madonia, Gail
Madsen, Svend ge
Madson, Devin
Magary, Drew
Maggard, John
Maggs, Dirk
Magidoff, Robert
Magill, Frank N.
Maginn, Simon
Magistrale, Tony
Magitis, David
Magnani, Gianmarco
Magnason, Andri Snr
Magrs, Paul
Maguire, Gregory
Mahaffey, Beatrice
Mahon, James
Mahoney, Joe
Mahoney, Karen
Mahy, Margaret
Maier, Michael
Mailander, Jane
Mailman, Erika
Maine, Charles Eric
Mains, Christine
Mains, Geoff
Mains, J. A.
Mains, Johnny
Maitland, Edward
Maitland, Karen
Maitland, Sara
Maitz, Don -C -T
Major, Devorah
Major, Joseph T. -C -T
Major, Paul
Major, Tim
Mak, Derwin -C -T
Makepeace, Amanda
Maksimov, German
Malamud, Bernard
Malan, Robert S.
Malartre, Elisabeth
Malaval, Suzanne
Malcohn, Elissa
Malcolm, Dominica
Malcolm, Donald
Malec, Alexander B.
Malerman, Josh -C -T
Malfi, Ronald
Malik, Usman T. -C -T
Mallardi, Bill
Mallett, Daryl F.
Mallette, Mose
Mallorqu, Csar
Mallory, David
Mallove, Dr. Eugene F.
Malloy, Mitchell
Mallozzi, Joseph
Maloney, Geoffrey -C -T
Maloney, Russell
Malory, Sir Thomas
Malpass, E. L.
Malstrom, Robert C.
Malzberg, Barry N. -C -T
Mamatas, Nick -C -T
Mamczak, Sacha
Mammoliti, Amelia
Man, Victoria
Manas, Aituar
Manashian, Barsom
Manchess, Gregory -C -T
Mandel, Emily St. John -C -T
Mandel, George
Mandelo, Brit -C -T
Manders, John
Mandigma, Kristin
Mangan, Amelia
Manhattan, Avro
Manhood, Silas
Manickavel, Kuzhali
Manison, Pete D.
Manlove, C. N. -C -T
Manly, Peter L. -C -T
Mann, Anthony
Mann, Ben
Mann, George
Mann, James A.
Mann, Phillip -C -T
Mann, William J.
Mannering, Paul
Mannetti, Lisa -C -T
Manney, PJ
Manning, Cat
Manning, Laurence
Mannone, John C.
Mansfield, John
Mantchev, Lisa
Mantel, Hilary
Mantooth, John
Manukyan, Alexandra
Manzano, Mandie
Manzetti, Alessandro -C -T
Manzieri, Maurizio -C -T
Manzione, Joseph
Mao, Caroline
Mao, Qiuxin
Mapes, Diane
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