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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Feedback So Far

I’m grateful for feedback so far, though as I’ve said, much more content — entirely new from anything posted on the old site — is forthcoming. (It’s all about context.) I seem to have misfiled (or accidentally deleted) a handful of emails responding to the initial reveal, including one suggesting that I include the Kitchies […]

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Today’s Bug Fix

As predicted in an earlier post, I discovered a flaw in the site last night — there was no Titles page for China MiĆ©ville -! — that I investigated and fixed today. It had to do with the difference between what I call ‘display’ names and ‘index’ names, where the latter, which become URLs, cannot […]

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Aurora winners

Today’s update: Aurora awards winners from last night. Six awards pages and 19 name pages updated.

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Today’s Build

Found two pervasive issues last night that needed fixing, and they affected so many pages it was simpler today to rebuild all of them rather than try to tag and keep track of which ones needed to be corrected. So every page (well, except for the name directory pages and the awards directory page) should […]

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Getting Close

In the past couple days: added Mythopoeic, Carl Brandon, and World Fantasy Award data. Tweaked fonts and layouts here and there. Split several Name Directory pages (increasing the total in the drop-down) so no one page is too long – ideally keeping to the two clicks with no scrolling goal for site navigation. And… rebuilt […]

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