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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Beacham, Travis
Beagle, Peter S. -C -T
Beahm, George
Beahr, Mike
Beai, Steve
Beale, Fleur
Beam, Ray
Beamer, Amelia
Beams, Clare
Bear, Elizabeth -C -T
Bear, Euan
Bear, Greg -C -T
Beasley, Cassie
Beason, Doug
Beatie, Bruce A.
Beatts, Alan
Beatty, Greg
Beatty, Robert
Beau, Christopher C.
Beauclerk, Jane
Beaufoy, Simon
Beaulé, Sophie
Beaulieu, Bradley P.
Beaumont, Charles
Beauvais, Den
Beavington, Lee
Bechard, Margaret
Bechko, Corinna
Bechtel, Amy -C -T
Bechtel, Greg
Bechtold, Allan
Beck, Alan F.
Beck, C. C.
Beck, David Michael
Beck, Greig
Beck, Martha
Beck, Susanne M.
Becker, Muriel
Beckert, Wylie
Beckett, Chris -C -T
Beckford, William
Beckwith, H. P. L.
Bedard, Michael
Bedford, K. A. -C -T
Bedwell-Grime, Stephanie -C -T
Beekman, Doug -C -T
Beer, Robert H.
Beerbohm, Max
Beese, P. J.
Beetlestone, Susan
Behrens, Ryan
Beiko, S. M.
Bein, Steve
Belayev, Alexander
Belcher, R. S.
Belford, Barbara
Belgrad, Robert
Bell, Alden
Bell, Alex
Bell, Andrea L.
Bell, Clare
Bell, Dave
Bell, Douglas
Bell, E. C.
Bell, Eileen -C -T
Bell, Harry
Bell, Helena
Bell, Hillary
Bell, John
Bell, Julie -C -T
Bell, M. Shayne -C -T
Bell, Matt
Bell, Michael
Bellafatto, Joe
Bellairs, John
Bellamy, Edward
Bellet, Annie
Belloc, Hilaire
Bellofatto, Joseph
Belt, Lia
Benchley, Peter
Bender, Aimee
Bendis, Brian Michael
Beneduce, Felice
Benét, Stephen Vincent
Benett, Renée
Benford, Gregory -C -T
Benford, James
Benioff, David
Benjaminsen, Audrey
Bennett, Anina
Bennett, Danielle
Bennett, Debbie
Bennett, Gregory -C -T
Bennett, Holly
Bennett, Jeffrey
Bennett, Karen
Bennett, Mik
Bennett, Renée
Bennett, Robert Jackson -C -T
Benscoter, Wes
Bensen, Donald R.
Benshoff, Harry M.
Bensley, Graham
Benson, Amber
Benson, E. F.
Bentley, Mitchell D.
Benton, Jim
Benton, Tracy
Berch, Michael C.
Bercier, Dominic
Beresford, Elisabeth
Beresford, J. D.
Berg, Carol
Bergen, David
Bergendorff, Roger
Berger, Albert I.
Berger, Joe
Berger, Paul M.
Berger, Thomas
Bergeron, Alain
Bergeron, Joe
Bergeron, Patrick
Bergeron, Richard
Bergey, Earle K.
Bergmann, F. J. -C -T
Bergstein, Michael
Bergstrom, Elaine
Berkey, John -C
Berkwits, Jeff
Berlant, Joe
Berliner, Janet
Berlyne, John
Berman, Judith -C -T
Berman, Ruth -C -T
Berman, Steve -C -T
Bernal, Richard
Bernander, Ojvind
Bernanos, Michel
Bernard, Patricia
Bernheimer, Kate -C -T
Bernobich, Beth
Berry, Jedediah -C -T
Berry, Rick -C -T
Berryman, John
Berson, Barbara
Bertin, Eddy C.
Bertin, Joanne
Bertolini, Max
Besher, Alexander
Best, Joel
Bester, Alfred -C -T
Bestwick, Simon
Betancourt, John
Betancourt, Kim
Bethke, Bruce
Betterly, Yancy
Betz, Al
Beukes, Lauren -C -T
Beus, Bryan
Beveridge, James -C -T
Beverly, Jo
Beyit, Kerem
Bezant, Craig
Bezzina, Dave
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