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Where and When: World Fantasy Convention, Online : November 1, 2020
Eligibility Year: 2019
Judges: Gwenda Bond, Galen Dara, Michael Kelly, Victor LaValle, Adam Roberts
Life Achievement
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “Read After Burning”, Maria Dahvana Headley (A People's Future of the United States)
  • “Blood Is Another Word for Hunger”, Rivers Solomon ( 24 Jul 2019)
  • “The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye”, Sarah Pinsker (Uncanny Jul/Aug 2019)
  • “Everyone Knows That They're Dead. Do You?”, Genevieve Valentine (The Outcast Hours)
  • “For He Can Creep”, Siobhan Carroll ( 10 Jul 2019)
  • “Postlude to the Afternoon of a Faun”, Jerome Stueart (F&SF Mar/Apr 2019)
Special Award, Professional
Special Award, Non-professional

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