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Aurora Awards nominations These Canadian awards, like the Australian awards (Ditmar and Aurealis), limit their eligibility to authors and fans from their respective countries. And like the Ditmars — and the Hugos — the Aurora Awards observe categories of fan activity, though since their scope of fan activity is even wider than the Hugos’, many more nominees […]

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The first part of the second phase of the long-promised expansion of sfadb — that is, expansion beyond the award listings themselves — has now been posted. These are ‘citations’, which is to say references to books in critical works, all-time polls, and reading guides. The ultimate project of sfadb, which may be renamed sfa+db, […]

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Prometheus Finalists 43 new and updated pages. Works can be nominated in this award’s “Hall of Fame” category year after year as long as they haven’t won. This is the fifth time Bujold’s Falling Free has been nominated; the fourth time for Ellison’s “Repent, Harlequin…”, and the eighth time for Kipling’s “As Easy as A.B.C.”.                

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Ditmar Nominations The record number of appearances by any one person on any one year’s award ballot — i.e., not counting poll results of various sorts — is Tansy Rayner Roberts, whose name appeared 8 times on the 2012 Ditmar ballot. She appears just 5 times on this year’s ballot, as do Alisa Krasnostein and Margo […]

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Clarke Award Shortlist 44 new and updated pages. Robinson’s 2312 has now been nominated or shortlisted for five different awards.                    

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