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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Fogg, Martyn J.
Foglio, Kaja
Foglio, Phil -C -T
Foigny, Gabriel de
Foley, James
Foltzer, Christine
Fong, Grace P.
Fonollosa y Guardiet, Joan Baptista
Fonseca, Yader
Fonstad, Karen Wynn
Font-Agustí, Jordi
Fontenay, Charles
Fontseré, Terry Broch
Foote, Bud
Forbes, Amy Beth
Forbes, Dominic
Ford, Carl T. -C
Ford, Jeffrey -C -T
Ford, John M. -C -T
Ford, Michael Thomas
Ford, Mike
Ford, Paul F.
Ford, Richard
Forde, Pat -C -T
Foreman, Travel
Forest, Susan J. -C -T
Forester, C. S.
Forrest, Amanda
Forrest, Francesca
Forrest, Katherine V.
Forster, E. M.
Forster, Miriam
Forsyth, Kate -C -T
Fort, Irene da Rocha
Fortin, Mathieu
Fortune, Eric
Forward, Robert L. -C -T
Foss, Chris
Foss, Richard
Foster, Alan Dean -C -T
Foster, Brad W. -C -T
Foster, David
Foster, Eugie -C -T
Foster, John
Foster, Jon -C -T
Foster, M. A. -C -T
Foster, Richard
Foubister, Amanda
Fouqué, Friedrich
Fowler, Christopher -C -T
Fowler, Karen Joy -C -T
Fowles, John
Fox, Andrew
Fox, Daniel
Fox, Harold J.
Fox, Janet
Fox, Nathan
Fox, Richard
Fox, Rose
Fox, Steven -C
Foxe, Jocelin
Foxlee, Karen
Foy, George
Foyster, John -C -T
Fraction, Matt
Fragias, Dionisios
Frahm, Leanne -C -T
France, Anatole
Francis, Consuela
Francis, Diana Pharoah
Francis, Freddie
Francis, Peter H.
Francis, Steve & Sue
Francisco, Anthony
Franco, Rossetti Christophe
Frank, Carl
Frank, Howard
Frank, Jane -C -T
Frank, Jann
Frank, Meg
Frank, Pat
Frank, Scott
Frank, Victoria
Franke, Charlotte
Frankel, Laurie
Frankland, David
Franklin, Bob
Franklin, Edgar
Franklin, H. Bruce -C -T
Franklin, Michael
Franklin, Ruth
Frankowski, Leo
Franks, Jason
Franson, Donald
Franson, Robert W.
Frantz, James Matt
Frantz, JP
Fraser-Coombe, Warwick -C -T
Fratz, Doug -C
Frayling, Christopher
Frayn, Michael
Frazer, Lee
Frazetta, Frank -C -T
Frazier, Robert -C -T
Freas, Frank Kelly -C -T
Freas, Polly
Frechette, Guy -C -T
Frederick, Carl -C -T
Fredrick, Candice
Free, Colin
Freebairn, Alison
Freedman, Carl
Freedman, Mitchell
Freeman, Brian James
Freeman, Gary -C
Freeman, Pamela
Freer, Dave
Freiman, Kate
Freireich, Valerie J. -C -T
Freitas, Robert A., Jr.
Freivald, Patrick
Frelik, Pawel
French, Gillian
French, Jackie
Frenkel, James R.
Frey, J. M.
Frey, Oliver
Friborg, Albert Compton
Friedberg, Gertrude
Friedel, Vivian
Friedkin, William
Friedman, Bruce Jay
Friedman, C. S. -C -T
Friedman, Ron
Friel, Fran
Friend, Beverly
Friend, Oscar J.
Friend, Peter -C -T
Fries, Aaron
Friesner, Esther M. -C -T
Frievald, Patrick
Fritzsche, Sonja
Fröding, Gustaf
Froehlich, Joey
Frolich, Danny
Frost, Gregory -C -T
Frost, Julie
Frost, Mark
Frost, Michael
Frost, Terry -C
Froud, Brian -C -T
Froud, Wendy
Fruge, Tobias A.
Frutkin, Mark
Fry, Gary -C -T
Fry, Stephen
Fry, Susan
Frye, Ellen
Fuiano, Roberto
Fujii, Taiyo
Fukunaga, Cary
Fulda, Nancy
Full Cast Audio Family
Fuller, Bryan
Fuller, Jameyanne
Fuller, Sarah Canfield
Fullerton, H. L.
Fullilove, Eric James
Fulmer, Richard
Funke, Cornelia
Furey, Maggie
Furlong, Monica
Furnal, David
Furth, Robin
Furukawa, Hideo
Fyfe, H. B.
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