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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Wodhams, Jack -C -T
Wohlwend, Michael
Wojciewoski, Elaine
Wojtasiewicz, Theresa
Wojtowicz, Slawek
Wolf, C. M.
Wolf, Leonard
Wolf, Milton T.
Wolf, Shena
Wolfe, Bernard
Wolfe, Chris Ann
Wolfe, Claire
Wolfe, Gary K. -C -T
Wolfe, Gene -C -T
Wolfe, Navah -C -T
Wolfe, Ron
Wolk, Anthony
Wollheim, Donald A. -C -T
Wollheim, Elizabeth R. (Betsy) -C -T
Wollheim, Elsie
Wollman, Steven
Wolski, Marcin
Wolter, Andrew
Wolven, Nick
Wolverton, Dave -C -T
Womack, Jack -C -T
Womack, Ytasha L.
Wong, Alyssa -C -T
Wong, Eric
Wong, James
Wong, John C. H.
Wood, Andy
Wood, Ashley -C -T
Wood, Bari
Wood, Brian
Wood, Heather J.
Wood, Mike
Wood, N. Lee
Wood, Nick
Wood, Rocky -C -T
Wood, Susan -C -T
Wood, Wally
Woodbury, Francine G.
Woodcock, Gordon R.
Wooding, Chris
Woodroffe, Patrick -C -T
Woodward, Greer
Woodward, Jason
Woodworth, Stephen
Woolf, Virginia
Woolfe, Sue
Woolman, Steven
Woolrich, Cornell
Woolston, Stan
Workman, Athena
Worra, Bryan Thao
Worthen, Mark W.
Worthen, Shana
Worthy, Barbara
Wrede, Patricia C. -C -T
Wren, M. K.
Wren, Thomas
Wright, Austin Tappan
Wright, Barbara
Wright, Bill -C
Wright, Brad
Wright, Cheyenne
Wright, Dwayne V.
Wright, Edgar
Wright, Farnsworth
Wright, John C. -C -T
Wright, Kristina
Wright, Peter
Wright, Ronald
Wright, S. Fowler
Wright, Sean -C -T
Wright [2], Sean
Wright, Stephen
Wright, T. M.
Wrightson, Bernie -C -T
Wrightson, Patricia
Wrigley, Sylvia Spruck
Wroten, Kelsey
Wrzos, Joseph -C -T
Wu, Bayard
Wu, Diana Gallagher
Wu, Frank -C -T
Wu, William F. -C -T
Wul, Stefan
Wurts, Janny -C -T
Wyatt, Garry
Wyatt, Jacob
Wyatt, Jake
Wyatt, Scott
Wyatt, Terry
Wyckoff, Richard
Wylie, Elinor
Wylie, Philip
Wyman, Vicki
Wymer, Thomas L.
Wyndham, John
Wynn, Cindy
Wytovich, Stephanie M. -C -T
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