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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Mudge, Faith -C -T
Mudgett, Herman W.
Mudie, Paul
Mueller, Eileen
Mueller, John
Mueller, Pat
Mueller, Richard
Muerto, Miquel
Muhammad-Ali, Khaalidah
Muijsert, Michelle
Muir, Edwin
Muir, Tamsyn -C -T
Mujica Lainez, Manuelv
Mukerjee, Upamanyu Pablo
Mulisch, Harry
Mullan, Caroline
Mullen, R. D.
Mullen, Stanley
Muller, Edward
Mullin, Dennis
Mullin, Mike
Mullins, David C.
Mulready, Rose
Mulrooney, J.
Mulvihill, Allison
Munday, Evan
Mundell, Meg
Mundis, Jerrold
Muneshwar, Ian
Munn, H. Warner -C -T
Munro, H. H.
Munro, John
Munroe, Randall
Munsinger, Steve
Munson, Don
Murad, Mahvesh
Murakami, Haruki -C -T
Murakami, Reiko -C -T
Murano, Doug -C -T
Murdoch, Iris
Murdock, Andrew
Murdock, Darrell
Murello, Judith
Muriel, M. O.
Muriel, Meghan
Murin, Dawn
Murnane, Gerald
Murphy, Amy J.
Murphy, Derryl -C -T
Murphy, G. Ronald
Murphy, Gary
Murphy, Graham J.
Murphy, Joe
Murphy, John P.
Murphy, Julia Armstrong
Murphy, Kevin
Murphy, Lois
Murphy, Louise
Murphy, Pat -C -T
Murphy, Rita
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau
Murphy, Steven Francis
Murphy, Warren
Murray, Andy
Murray, Celine
Murray, Gabriel
Murray, Jacob
Murray, Jim
Murray, Kirsty
Murray, Lee -C -T
Murray, Lyn
Murray, Martine
Murray, Robert
Murray, Ross
Murray, Samantha
Murray, Sean
Murray, Sean Andrew
Murray, Yxta Maya
Murrey, Mary
Musgrave, Real -C -T
Muslim, Kristine Ong
Mutard, Bruce
Mydlowski, Gene
Myers, Amy
Myers, Doris T.
Myers, E. C.
Myers, Gary
Myers, Howard L.
Myers, John Myers
Myers, Tim
Myles, L. M.
Mynhardt, Joe
Myrick, Daniel
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