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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Wharton, Ken -C -T
Wharton, Thomas
What, Leslie -C -T
Whates, Ian -C -T
Wheat, Jim
Wheat, Ken
Wheatley, Dennis
Whedon, Joss -C -T
Wheeler, Andrew
Wheeler, Deborah
Wheeler, Leslie
Wheeler, Mark
Wheeler, S. M.
Wheeler, Thomas
Whelan, Brendan
Whelan, Michael -C -T
Whipple, Fred L.
Whitaker, Pat
Whitbourn, John
White, Cecil B.
White, D. C.
White, Donna R.
White, E. B.
White, Edmund
White, James -C -T
White, Jen
White, Jon
White, Lee
White, Lori Ann
White, Mel
White, Patricia
White, Rebekah
White, Steve
White, T. H. -C -T
White, Ted -C -T
White, Tim -C
White, Wrath James
Whiteford, Wynne -C -T
Whitehead, Colson
Whiteley, Aliya
Whiteoak, Owen
Whitfield, Kit
Whitford, Wynne
Whitlatch, Terryl
Whitlock, Dean
Whitmore, Andrew -C -T
Whitmore, Charles
Whittaker, Thomas
Whitten, Les
Whittenburg, Alice
Whittingham, Elizabeth A.
Whyte, Nicholas
Wiaceck, Bob
Wiater, Stanley -C -T
Widder, William J.
Widdicombe, David
Widerman, Eva
Widmyer, Dennis
Widner, Arthur L., Jr.
Wiedenbeck, Jack
Wiersema, Robert J.
Wiesner, David
Wiggins, Marianne
Wiggins, Olon F.
Wight, Linda
Wightman, Brian
Wightman, Wayne
Wilber, Rick
Wilce, Ysabeau S. -C -T
Wilcken, Hugo
Wilcox, Rhonda
Wilcox, Robert H.
Wild, Margaret
Wilde, Fran -C -T
Wilde, Kelley
Wilde, Oscar
Wilder, Cherry
Wilder, Gene
Wildgoose, Chris
Wilding, Michael
Wiles, Will
Wilhelm, Kate -C -T
Wilkerson, Cherie
Wilkin, Karen
Wilkins, Connie
Wilkins, Kim -C -T
Wilkinson, Carole -C -T
Wilks, Eileen
Willard, Mark
Willard, Nancy
Willett, Edward
Willett, John
Willett, Paul J.
Willey, Elizabeth
Williams, A. Susan
Williams, Aaron
Williams, Allen -C -T
Williams, Charles
Williams, Conrad -C -T
Williams, Diane
Williams, Dwight
Williams, Eric Lee
Williams, Gavin
Williams, Genevieve
Williams, J. H. III
Williams, Jason
Williams, Jen
Williams, John
Williams, Kent
Williams, L. A.
Williams, Lawrence Allen -C -T
Williams, Liz -C -T
Williams, Lorraine
Williams, Lynda
Williams, Mark H.
Williams, Matt
Williams, Paul -C -T
Williams, Paul O.
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Renay
Williams, Rhianna
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert Moore
Williams, Sean -C -T
Williams, Sheila -C -T
Williams, Tad -C -T
Williams, Tess -C -T
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Walter Jon -C -T
Williamson, Al
Williamson, Chet -C -T
Williamson, J. N. -C -T
Williamson, Jack -C -T
Williamson, Jamie
Williamson, Michael Z.
Williamson, Milly
Williamson, Neil -C -T
Willicome, David
Willingham, Bill -C -T
Willis, Brian
Willis, Connie -C -T
Willis, Daniel
Willis, Drew
Willis, Paul J.
Willis, Sarah
Willis, Suzanne
Willis, Walter A. -C -T
Willmer, Derek
Willmoth, Mike
Willrich, Chris
Wills, Matthew
Wilshire, Patrick
Wilshire, Patrick & Jeannie
Wilson, A. N.
Wilson, Alan
Wilson, Andrew J.
Wilson, Angus
Wilson, Colin
Wilson, Daniel H.
Wilson, David Henry
Wilson, David Niall -C -T
Wilson, Dawn
Wilson, E. O.
Wilson, F. Paul -C -T
Wilson, G. Willow -C -T
Wilson, Gahan -C -T
Wilson, Jeremy
Wilson, Kai Ashante -C -T
Wilson, Kevin
Wilson, Mark
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Mehitobel
Wilson, Neil
Wilson, Peter Lamborn
Wilson, Richard -C -T
Wilson, Robert Anton
Wilson, Robert Charles -C -T
Wilson, Robert IV
Wilson, Robert S.
Wilson, Robin Scott
Wilson, Rose
Wilson, Sam
Wilson, Stephen
Winch, Margaret
Winch, R. M.
Winckler, Benita
Windling, Terri -C -T
Wingrove, David
Winkler, Monica
Winkler, Timothy
Winnick, Judd
Winnington, G. Peter
Winslow, Vonnie
Winstead, Tom
Winter, Darren
Winter, Douglas E. -C -T
Winter, Eric L.
Winter, Laurel -C -T
Winterbotham, R. R.
Winters, Ben H.
Winters, Cat
Winward, Shannon Connor
Wise, A. C.
Wise, Herbert
Wise, Jillian
Wisniewski-Snerg, Adam
Wisoker, Leona
Witchey, Eric M.
Witcover, Paul -C -T
Witkin, Joel-Peter
Witt, L. A.
Wittig, Monique
Wittingham, Elizabeth A.
Wizards of the Coast
Wlodarczyk, Phil -C
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