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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Drake, David -C -T
Drake, Ennis
Drake, H. L.
Draven, Alex
Dreaver, Tamlyn
Dresser, Norine
Drexler, K. Eric
Dreyfuss, Richard
Drinnan, Neal
Drout, Michael D. C.
Drozd, Robert
Drumm, Chris
Drummond, J. K.
Drummond, Paul
du Maurier, Daphne
du Maurier, George
Duane, Diane -C -T
Dubé, Paulette
Dubé, Peter
Dubnick, Andrea
DuBois, Brendan
Duchamp, L. Timmel -C -T
Dudar, Peter
Duddle, Jonny
Duder, Tess
Dudley, Karen
Due, Tananarive -C -T
Duensing, Clyde
Duey, Kathleen
Duff, Steve
Duffer, Matt
Duffer, Ross
Duffield, Paul
Duffin, Ken
Dufford, Vern
Duffy, Brendan -C -T
Duffy, Stella
Duffy, Steven -C -T
Dugan, Grace
Duke, Shaun
Dulski, Thomas R.
Dumars, Denise
Dumas, Alexandre
Dunayeva, Victoria
Dunbar, Robert
Duncan, Adam
Duncan, Alexandra
Duncan, Andy -C -T
Duncan, Dan
Duncan, Dave -C -T
Duncan, Glen
Duncan, Hal -C -T
Duncan, Melissa Mary
Duncan, Rod
Duncan, Sydney
Dung, Kai-cheung
Dungate, Pauline E.
Dunham, Marisol
Dunkle, Clare B.
Dunlavey, Ryan
Dunn, Christopher P.
Dunn, J. R. -C -T
Dunn, Katherine
Dunn, Linda J.
Dunn, Mark
Dunne, Jennifer
Dunning, Stephen N.
Dunsany, Lord
Dunstall, S. K.
Duntemann, Jeff
Dunyach, Jean-Claude
Dupont, Denise
Dupree, Tom
Dupuis, John
Durant, Frederick C. III
Durbin, Frederic S.
Durfee, Brian Lee
Durgin, Doranna
Durham, David Anthony
Durham, James A.
Duric, Simon
Durrell, Lawrence
Durst, Sarah Beth -C -T
Dutcher, Roger -C -T
Duthie, Peg
Dutkiewicz, Michael
Duyvis, Corinne
Dwight, Jeffry
Dyer, S. N. -C -T
Dyer, Thoraiya -C -T
Dysan, Dan
Dyson, Marianne J.
Dziemianowicz, Stefan R. -C -T
Dzuban, Kevin
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