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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Roanhorse, Rebecca -C -T
Robb, Brian J.
Robb, J. D.
Robbins, Matthew
Robbins, Trina
Roberg, Arthur
Roberson, Chris -C -T
Roberson, Jennifer
Robert, Paul
Roberts, Adam -C -T
Roberts, Andrew L.
Roberts, Chris
Roberts, Frank
Roberts, Jeyn
Roberts, John Maddox
Roberts, Keith -C -T
Roberts, Mark -C -T
Roberts, Mike
Roberts, Paul
Roberts, Ray
Roberts, Robin
Roberts, Scott M.
Roberts, Tansy Rayner -C -T
Roberts, Tedd
Roberts, Tony
Robertson, Al
Robertson, Andy W.
Robertson, Darick
Robertson, Freya
Robertson, Pat
Robida, Albert
Robin, Jack
Robin, Ralph
Robins, Arlin
Robins, Lane
Robins, Madeleine E.
Robinson, Carla
Robinson, Carol L.
Robinson, Eden
Robinson, Frank M. -C -T
Robinson, Jeanne -C -T
Robinson, Kim Stanley -C -T
Robinson, Peg
Robinson, Spider -C -T
Robson, Alan -C
Robson, Barbara
Robson, Justina -C -T
Robson, Kelly -C -T
Robyn, Lezli
Roche, Thomas S.
Rochefort, Christiane
Rochelle, Warren
Rochin, Reyna
Rock, J. A.
Rockhill, Jim
Rocklynne, Ross
Rodda, Emily -C -T
Roddenberry, Gene
Roden, Barbara -C -T
Roden, Christopher -C -T
Roden, Mike
Rodgers, Alan -C -T
Rodi, Robert
Rodriguez, Brenda
Rodriguez, Gabriel -C -T
Rodriguez, Irvin
Rodríguez, Mariano Martín
Rodriguez, Ozzie
Roeg, Nicolas
Roessner, Michaela -C -T
Rogers, Alva
Rogers, Bruce Holland -C -T
Rogers, Cameron
Rogers, Forest -C -T
Rogers, Gregory
Rogers, Hubert
Rogers, Ian
Rogers, Jane
Rogers, Joel Townsley
Rogers, Katharine M.
Rogers, Michael
Rogers, Nick
Rogers-Davidson, Sally
Roggie, Deborah
Rohan, Michael Scott
Rohmann, Eric
Rohmer, Sax
Rohrer, Robert
Rohrer, Robert H., Jr.
Rohrig, Judi
Roigé, Mercè
Rojas, Miguel
Rolfe, Felice
Rolfe, Tracey
Rollins, Grey -C -T
Romains, Jules
Romanczuk, Alan
Romanko, Karen A.
Romanovsky, Daniel
Romaya, Rafaela
Rome, David
Romero, George A.
Romero, Pedro Jorge
Romero-McCullough, Elisa
Ronald, Margaret
Rooke, Leon
Root, Barry
Ropars, Virginie -C -T
Rosado, Rafael
Rosanes, Kerby
Rosario, Rey
Rosca, Madeleine
Roscoe, Will
Rose, Anton
Rose, Cassandra
Rose, E. Robertson
Rose, Gord
Rose, Laya
Rose, Malcolm
Rose, Mark
Rose, Rhea
Rose, Simon
Roseburg, Brian
Rosen, Selina
Rosenbaum, Benjamin -C -T
Rosenberg, Aaron
Rosenberg, Joel
Rosenberg, Teya
Rosenblum, J. Michael
Rosenblum, Mary -C -T
Rosenfeld, Carol
Rosenkranz, Charlie
Rosenzweig, Vicki
Roshak, N. R. M.
Rosheim, David L.
Roshwald, Mordecai
Rosny aîné, J.-H.
Ross, Alex
Ross, Clifford
Ross, Deborah J.
Ross, Gary
Ross, Ruth
Ross, Sir Ronald
Rossbach, J. S.
Rossell, Judith
Rossetti, Christina
Rossio, Terry
Rossow, William
Rostant, Larry
Roszak, Theodore
Rotarangi, Dawn
Roth, Philip
Rothfuss, Patrick -C -T
Rothman, Chuck
Rothman, Milton A.
Rothman, Tony
Rotsler, Bill -C -T
Rottensteiner, Franz
Rotundo, Matthew S.
Rouaud, Antoine
Rousseau, Victor
Rousseau, Yvonne
Routley, Jane -C -T
Rovano, Marcelaine Wininger
Rovner, Adam
Row, Ryan
Rowanwood, Seth J.
Rowcroft, Charles
Rowder, Louise
Rowe, Christopher -C -T
Rowe, Michael -C -T
Rowland, Diana
Rowland, W. G.
Rowley, Christopher B.
Rowling, J. K. -C -T
Rowse, Yvonne
Royle, Nicholas -C -T
Royo, Luis -C -T
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