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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Meacham, Beth -C -T
Mead, David
Mead, Donald
Mead, Syd
Meadows, Foz
Meads, Kat
Meaney, John -C -T
Meara, Mike
Mebane, Banks
Meddor, Michael
Mehan, Uppinder
Meier, Wilma
Meikle, Denis
Meisner, Karen
Meisner, Richard D.
Melanson, Devin
Melbourne Collective
Melen, Terry
Méliès, Georges
Melki-Wagner, Skye
Melko, Paul -C -T
Mellor, Greg
Melott, Adrian L.
Meloy, Paul -C -T
Melton, Henry
Melton, J. Gordon
Meltzer, Michael Paul
Melville, Herman
Melzack, Gene
Memmott, David
Mendelson, Drew
Mendelsund, Peter
Mendlesohn, Farah -C -T
Meng, David -C -T
Meng, Fiona
Menon, Anil
Menzies, Gordon R.
Mercado, Marcel
Mercier, Louis-Sebastien
Mercurio, Jed
Meredith, George
Meredith, Jerry
Meredith, Richard C.
Merle, Robert
Merriam, Daniel
Merriam, Joanne
Merrick, Helen -C -T
Merril, Judith -C -T
Merritt, A.
Merritt, Scott
Merto, Alex
Merwin, Sam, Jr.
Meseldžija, Petar
Meskys, Edmund R.
Metcalf, John
Methe, Ann
Metzger, Robert A.
Meyer, Ilene
Meyer, Kai
Meyer, Marissa
Meyer, Stephenie
Meyer, Susan E.
Meyers, Edward
Meyers, Walter
Meynard, Yves
Meyrink, Gustav
Mezlekia, Nega
Miceli, Samantha
Michaels, Linda -C
Michaels, Melisa C.
Michalson, Karen
Michaluk, Stephen, Jr.
Michaud, Marc -C
Michelfeld, Ted
Michniewitz, Sue
Micklem, Sarah
Middlemiss, Perry -C
Mierau, John
Miesel, Sandra -C -T
Miéville, China -C -T
Mignola, Mike -C -T
Mikol, Paul -C
Milán, Victor
Milburn, Colin
Milburn, Michelle
Miles, Georgina
Miles, Paul
Miles, Roy -C
Milford, Kate
Milholland, Billie
Milicia, Joseph
Millar, Mark
Millard, Doug
Millard, Glenda
Miller, A. Kaay
Miller, Amy
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Christopher
Miller, Chuck -C -T
Miller, Edward -C -T
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Eric
Miller, Faren
Miller, Frank
Miller, Ian -C -T
Miller, Jesse
Miller, Karen
Miller, Laura
Miller, Madeline
Miller, Mark Alan
Miller, Martin
Miller, Michael D.
Miller, P. Schuyler
Miller, Paul
Miller, R. DeWitt
Miller, Rex
Miller, Ron -C -T
Miller, Russell
Miller, Sam J. -C -T
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Steve -C -T
Miller, T. S.
Miller, Timothy S.
Miller, Walter M., Jr. -C -T
Millerman, John
Millet, Lydia
Millhauser, Steven
Millhiser, Marlys
Millidge, Gary Spencer
Mills, Adam
Mills, K. E.
Mills, Phil
Mills, Robert P. -C
Milne, A. A.
Milner, Andrew
Milosevic, Mario
Milot, René
Minamoto, Hiroko
Minato, Kanae
Minear, Tim
Minkevics, Jeff
Minnhagen, Matts
Minsky, Marvin
Minz, Jim
Mirabelli, Eugene
Miracola, Jeff
Miranda Barreras, Ángel Luis
Miriam and Geoff
Mirolevich, Artem
Mirrlees, Hope
Miskell, Vincent
Miskowski, S. P.
Mitchell, Anthony
Mitchell, Betsy -C -T
Mitchell, D. M.
Mitchell, David -C -T
Mitchell, David Robert
Mitchell, E. Mark
Mitchell, Edward Page
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, J. Leslie
Mitchell, Kirk
Mitchell, Mary Ann
Mitchell, Rose
Mitchell, Syne
Mitchell, William
Mitchison, Naomi
Mixon, Laura J.
Miyazaki, Hayao -C
Miyazawa, Takeshi
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