Names Ja-Ji

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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Jääskeläinen, Pasi Ilmari
Jablokov, Alexander -C -T
Jablon, Marianne S.
Jablonski, Piotr
Jackel, Cath
Jacks, Aaron
Jackson, Aleta
Jackson, Alison
Jackson, Brittany J.
Jackson, Charles Lee II
Jackson, Clive
Jackson, Helen
Jackson, Mike
Jackson, Peter -C
Jackson, Rob -C
Jackson, Robert Jackson
Jackson, Shelley
Jackson, Shirley
Jackson-Adams, Tracina
Jacob, Charlee -C -T
Jacobi, Carl
Jacobs, Alan
Jacobs, Deborah Lynn
Jacobs, Everett S.
Jacobs, Harvey
Jacobs, John Hornor
Jacobs, Paul Samuel
Jacobs, W. W.
Jacobsen, Craig
Jacobsen, Mark
Jacobson, Lisa
Jacobson, Tyler -C -T
Jacques, Brian
Jaeger, Muriel
Jael -C -T
Jafek, Bev
Jainschigg, Nicholas -C -T
Jakes, John
Jakober, Marie
Jakobsson, Ejler
Jakubowski, Maxim
Jambrišak, Tatjana
James, Betsy
James, Edward -C -T
James, Henry
James, Joh
James, L. Dean
James, M. R.
James, P. D.
James, Roby
James, Simon
James, Thea
James, Thomas L.
James, Vic
Jameson, Fredric
Jameson, Malcolm
Jameson, Storm
Jamieson, Trent -C -T
Jamneck, Lynne
Jan, Robert
Jane, Fred T.
Janifer, Laurence M.
Janks, Gregory
Jankus, Hank -C
Jansen, Mark
Jansen, Patty
Jansen, Tim
Janson, Klaus
Jansson, Tove
Jaques-Powell, Karin
Jarocha-Ernst, Chris
Jarpe, Matthew
Jarrold, John
Jarry, Alfred
Jarvis, Jeremy -C
Jarvis, Mark C.
Jarvis, Michael
Jarvis, Sharon
Jasper, Michael J.
Jay, Shannah
Jean, Albert
Jean, James -C -T
Jeapes, Ben -C -T
Jedruszek, Tomaz
Jeeves, Terry
Jefferies, Richard
Jeffers, Alex
Jeffers, Oliver
Jeffers, Tom
Jeffery, Steve
Jeffs, Pamela
Jelle, Kyle David
Jemisin, N. K. -C -T
Jenkins, Henry
Jenkins, Martin
Jenkins, Ruth
Jenkins-Rutherford, Cathy
Jennings, A. H.
Jennings, Gary
Jennings, Jor
Jennings, Kathleen -C -T
Jennings, Laura
Jennings, Phillip C. -C -T
Jens, Tina L.
Jensen, Bruce
Jensen, Dick
Jensen, Evan
Jensen, Jan Lars -C -T
Jensen, Jane
Jensen, Jeff
Jensen, Liz
Jensen, Michael
Jenssen, Dick -C
Jenssen, Hens
Jeppson, J. O.
Jernigan, Zachary
Jerome, Jerome K.
Jesby, Edward
Jeschke, Wolfgang
Jeser, Dave
Jeter, K. W. -C -T
Jeude, Samanda B.
Jeury, Michel
Jewett, Ellen
Jewett, Robert
Jia, Ruan
Jia, Xia
Jim, Calvin D.
Jingfang, Hao
Jinks, Catherine -C -T
Jiraiya-Cummings, Shane
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