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The Science Fiction Awards Database is a rebranding, redesign, and ongoing expansion of the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards. The site went online in August 2012 with awards listings and individual pages for every nominee (under the Names tab, above) -- and for those with more than a few nominations, separate pages sorted chronologically and alphabetically by title. Additional content supplementing awards data is being added in 2013 and 2014.

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FAQs and Stats

As I alluded yesterday on Facebook, I have started implementing various FAQ and tally and statistics pages on this site that were part of the old site, the Locus Index to SF Awards. As I said there, I’m rethinking all of these pages, and don’t plan to reproduce all of the old ones. For the moment, there is a new link on the homepage here to a directory page where these various tallies and statistics and FAQs will be listed. Having set up the initial steps to generate these pages, additional ones will be easy, and in fact I have a couple three ideas for semi-global tallies that I think I can set up quickly this evening.

Once everything I want to preserve from the old site is reproduced on the new site… the old site will be deleted.

Complete Locus Poll Results

500 new and updated pages.

However there are so many pages for an annual Locus Poll update, including the All Nominees page, which even as a text file, is over 2mb, that updates for this award/poll have crashed my FTP program three times this evening before completing what I hope is a full upload of all 500 files.

Though now I see that the All Nominees page,, has some formatting error that wrecks the top and bottom graphics. Will have to figure this out. Why this one page? The other pages look OK. Sigh.


Update Friday morning: The problem on the page was a broken link under Amano, Yoshitaka, on the last line for 2000, a reference to a title done with Neil Gaiman. Fixed now, the byline shows “illustrated by YA”, as intended. The page last night had the first part of an a href link, without the closing part, and that somehow broke the layout of the whole page (maybe the browser thought a div tag was being closed there).

What happened is that in May I added code for formatting such references to handle bylines like “Racconna Sheldon, aka James Tiptree, Jr.” The code checked for “aka” and built the reference accordingly. Oops. Last night the code found the “aka” in Yoshitaka, parsed the byline accordingly, and applied the resultant formatting.

Now the code checks for ” aka “. And parses and applies formatting accordingly.

Several Small Updates

Today… not quite worth individual posts about. These include the latest UPC update, the Spanish prize for unpublished novella that usually goes to European authors (with the occasional exception of Mike Resnick or Robert J. Sawyer), and which seems to happen only every two years now. The last couple World Horror Grand Masters, plus corrections to a couple earlier years, according to the official list on the newly linked site. The last couple Worldcon special committee awards. A comment about the current Utopiales awards. And several other awards investigated (over the past few days), which seem to be defunct or on hiatus — Xatafi-Cyberdark, SESFA, Mechanical Peach, SLF Foundation, Golden Ducks, Emperor Norton. I-Con may still be alive, but not on the web; have e-mailed them for help.

In progress: several recent years of New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel results, and the complete Locus Poll results for this year.

Then: expanded content. More Citations, and more new content beyond those, i.e., more filling in of the currently blank tabs at the top of the homepage. Including, eventually, reconstruction and updates of the global statistics and tallies pages that we had on the old site.

SFRA Awards

For 2013 and 2014:

48 new and updated pages.

SF Site Readers Poll

For 2013:

The site has reduced content in recent months, and has not conducted a 2014 poll.

41 new and updated pages.

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