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The Science Fiction Awards Database is a rebranding, redesign, and expansion of the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards [soon to be deprecated]. This site went online in August 2012 with awards listings and individual pages for every nominee (under the Names tab, above) -- and for those with more than a few nominations, separate pages sorted chronologically and alphabetically by title.

This site's goal, despite the title, is to profile the significant works of SF/F/H history based not just on Awards, but on additional sources, as indicated in the tabs above -- Citations, and Anthologies/Collections. While the awards content was transferred from the old site in 2012, these additional data, and analyses, are being developed and posted in 2014, with a plan for the entire site to be complete in 2014.

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Hugo Awards winners

These results include first-time Hugo Awards for Ann Leckie, John Chu, Sarah Webb, Kameron Hurley (twice), Aiden Moher, John Joseph Adams (and Rich Horton and Stefan Rudnicki), and Julie Dillon.

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Campbell New Writer Winner

Sidewise Awards winners

Chesley Awards winners

Retro-Hugo Awards winners

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