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The Science Fiction Awards Database is a rebranding, redesign, and expansion of the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards [soon to be deprecated]. This site went online in August 2012 with awards listings and individual pages for every nominee (under the Names tab, above) -- and for those with more than a few nominations, separate pages sorted chronologically and alphabetically by title.

This site's goal, despite the title, is to profile the significant works of SF/F/H history based not just on Awards, but on additional sources, as indicated in the tabs above -- Citations, and Anthologies/Collections. While the awards content was transferred from the old site in 2012, these additional data, and analyses, are being developed and posted in 2014, with a plan for the entire site to be complete in sometime in 2015.

Latest Updates [RSS]

Compton Crook finalists

34 new and updated pages.

The winner will be announced at the convention, next week.

Campbell finalists amendments

The Campbell list at has been updated per the official Campbell site to clarify that Jeff VanderMeer’s entire trilogy, not just the first volume, is nominated, and that Ken Liu is credited as translator of the Cixin Liu novel.

Also, the Campbell site says “This year’s list of finalists is longer than usual partly in response to controversy over other, non-juried awards, and partly because 2014 offered so many fine SF novels.”

Sturgeon finalists

57 new and updated pages.

Nancy Kress, Geoffrey A. Landis, and Ian McDonald are past Sturgeon winners, once each, out of five previous nominations for Kress, just the one for Landis, and four for McDonald. Kress’ short novel here is currently a finalist for the Nebula and Locus awards.

Robert Reed has been a Sturgeon finalist eight times previously, without having won. Ken Liu has been a finalist four times previously, without having won.

Daryl Gregory’s short novel is currently a finalist for the Locus, Nebula, and Shirley Jackson awards. Ken Liu’s story is also a Nebula and Locus finalist. Sam J. Miller’s story is also a Nebula finalist.

Campbell Memorial Award finalists

61 new and updated pages.

William Gibson has been a Campbell finalist three times previously without having won. Adam Roberts has also been a Campbell finalist three times previously, and won in 2013 for Jack Glass. Peter Watts has been a finalist twice before, and Will McIntosh once before. Neither has won. All others this year are first-time Campbell finalists.

The Dave Hutchinson and Claire North titles were finalists for both the British SF Association and the Arthur C. Clarke awards (and lost); the Clarke award was won by the Emily St. John Mandel title here. Cixin Liu’s novel is currently a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, and Prometheus awards. Jeff VanderMeer’s novel is currently a finalist for the Nebula, Shirley Jackson, and Locus awards.

Shirley Jackson finalists

96 new and updated pages.

Ellen Datlow has 8 prior Shirley Jackson nominations, with two wins, in 2008 and 2010. Her nominated anthology here just won a Bram Stoker Award. Jeff VanderMeer has 5 prior nominations, with no wins. His nominated novel here is also a finalist for the Locus and Nebula awards. Daryl Gregory’s nominated novella is also a Locus and Nebula finalist. Stories by Carmen Maria Machado, Mary Rickert, Kai Ashante Wilson, and Alyssa Wong are also Nebula finalists.

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