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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Wachowski, Andy
Wachowski, Larry
Wacks, Peter J.
Wade, Chris
Wade, Daniel
Wade, Juliette -C -T
Wadholm, Richard
Wadsworth, M. B.
Waggoner, Diana
Waggoner, Tim -C -T
Wagner, Hank
Wagner, Karl Edward -C -T
Wagner, Lionel
Wagner, Phyllis Cerf
Wagner, Richard -C -T
Wagner, Wendy N.
Wahl, Sharon
Wahls, Jamie
Wai, Cheah Kai
Waid, Mark
Wainer, Jack
Waiti-Mulholland, Isabel
Waititi, Taika
Waitman, Katie
Wakefield, H. Russell
Walde, A. A.
Walden, Tillie
Waldrop, F. N.
Waldrop, Howard -C -T
Walewski, Konrad
Walker, Deborah
Walker, Felicity
Walker, Jane
Walker, Jonathan
Walker, Leslie Claire
Walker, Paul -C -T
Walker, Sage
Walker, Stephen James -C
Walker, Steve
Walker, Wendy
Wallace, Amy
Wallace, Andrew
Wallace, David Foster
Wallace, Edgar
Wallace, F. L.
Wallace, Ian
Wallace, Jon
Wallace, Matt
Wallace, Robert
Wallace, Sean -C -T
Waller, Nicholas
Walling, René
Walling, William
Walotsky, Ron -C -T
Walpole, Horace
Walpole, Hugh
Walrath, Holly Lynn
Walser, Robert
Walsh, Fran -C
Walsh, Kaite
Walsh, Meg
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Neil
Walta, Gabriel Hernández
Walter, Damien G.
Walter, Elizabeth
Walter, Stephen
Walters, Bob -C -T
Walters, Damien Angelica
Walters, Douglas -C
Walters, Jerad -C -T
Walters, Trent M.
Walther, Daniel
Walther, Paul
Waltje, Jorg
Walton, Bryce
Walton, David
Walton, Diane -C
Walton, Evangeline -C -T
Walton, Harry
Walton, Jo -C -T
Walton, Leslye
Walton, Travis
Waltz, Michael
Walus, Yvonne Eve
Wan, Shelly
Wandrei, Donald
Wang, Gabrielle
Wang, Hui-Ling
Wangerin, Walter, Jr.
Ward, Catriona
Ward, Charles Dexter
Ward, Christian
Ward, Cynthia
Ward, D. Alexander
Ward, Donald
Ward, Gareth
Ward, J. R.
Ward, Jean Marie
Ward, Kyla -C -T
Ward, Kyla Lee
Ward, Lindsay
Ward, Marlee Jane
Ward, Michael
Ward, Timothy C.
Warfield, Gerald
Warhola, James
Warman, Damien
Warner, Harry, Jr. -C -T
Warner, Julian
Warner, Marina
Warner, Sylvia Townsend
Warner-Lalonde, Peggi -C
Warren, Jamie
Warren, Kaaron -C -T
Warren, William R., Jr.
Warren-Youll, Jamie
Warrick, Dee
Warrick, Patricia S.
Warrington, Freda
Washington, Masumi
Wasserberg, Eleanor
Wasserman, Robin
Watasin, Elizabeth
Waters, Elisabeth
Waters, Sarah
Watkins, Ross
Watkins, William John -C -T
Watson, Andy
Watson, Angus
Watson, Grant -C -T
Watson, Greer
Watson, Ian -C -T
Watson, Jeff
Watson, Noelle
Watson, Simon
Watt, D. P.
Watt-Evans, Lawrence -C -T
Watts, Julia
Watts, Julie
Watts, Peter -C -T
Waugh, Charles G.
Waugh, Robert H.
Waugh, Sylvia
Waught, Robert H.
Wayne, Taral -C
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