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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Weakley, Emma
Wearing, Adele
Weaver, Claire
Weaver, Mike
Weaver, William
Webb, Don
Webb, Jane
Webb, Janeen -C -T
Webb, Mark
Webb, Sarah
Webb, Scott
Webb, Sharon
Weber, Christoph
Weber, David
Weber, Jean
Weber, Sam -C -T
Weber, T. C.
Weber, Wally
Webster, Arthur
Webster, Bud -C -T
Webster, John
Wecker, Helene -C -T
Weddall, Roger -C
Weddle, David
Weekes, Carol
Weeks, Brent -C -T
Weetman, Nova
Wehunt, Michael
Weibe, Kurtis J.
Weil, Ellen
Weiler, Dennis E.
Weimer, Paul
Wein, Elizabeth E.
Wein, Len
Weinbaum, Stanley G.
Weinberg, Lawrence D.
Weinberg, Miriam
Weinberg, Robert -C -T
Weiner, Andrew -C -T
Weiner, Edmund
Weiner, Steve
Weinstein, Elst
Weinstock, Jeffrey
Weir, Andy -C -T
Weir, Ian
Weir, Peter
Weis, Lyle
Weis, Margaret
Weisinger, Mort
Weisman, Jacob -C -T
Weisman, Rina
Weiss, Allan
Weiss, D. B.
Weisskopf, Toni -C
Weist, Jerry
Welcher, Jeanne
Weldon, Fay
Weldon, Michael J.
Welke, Ian
Wellen, Edward
Weller, Sam -C -T
Weller, Tom
Welles, Harvey
Wellington, David
Wellman, Manly Wade -C -T
Wells, Alex
Wells, Ankaret
Wells, Broderick
Wells, Catherine
Wells, Dan -C -T
Wells, H. G.
Wells, Martha -C -T
Wells, Pam
Wells, Rosemary
Wells, Stuart W. III
Welsh, Durand
Wendig, Chuck
Wendling, Claire
Wendt, Peter
Wentworth, K. D. -C -T
Werfel, Franz
Werner, Scott
Wernham, Mark
Wesick, Jon
Wesley, Joseph
Wessely, Tehani -C -T
Wessling, Taylor
Wesso, H. W.
West, Brook & Julia
West, D. -C -T
West, Ella
West, Graham
West, Julia H.
West, Julian
West, Leon J.
West, Mark
West, Michelle Sagara
West, Nadine
West, Richard C.
West, Terry M.
West, Wallace
Westall, Robert
Westbrook-Trenholm, Liz
Westerfeld, Scott -C -T
Westfahl, Gary -C -T
Westlake, Donald
Weston, Chris
Weston, Paula
Weston, Peter -C -T
Weston, Robert Paul
Weston, Susan B.
Westphal, Ken
Westwood, Jeannette
Westwood, Kim -C -T
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Weta Workshop
Wexelblat, Alan
Wexler, Django
Wexler, Robert
Wexler, Robert Freeman
Weyland, Jennifer Emmett
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