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The Science Fiction Hall of Fame was founded in 1996 by the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and by the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas (which supervises the Campbell and Sturgeon Memorial Awards). Four individuals are honored each year, usually (through 2010) two living and two posthumous.

In 2016 procedures changed, with nominations taken from the public, and large number of inductees chosen, now under the perview of the Museum of Pop Culture.
— Winners by Year —
— 2017 — Madeleine L'Engle (creator)
  Guillermo del Toro (creator)
  Keith David (creator)
  Terry Gilliam (creator)
  Douglas Adams (creator)
  Jim Henson (creator)
  Leonard Nimoy (creator)
  Rumiko Takahashi (creator)
  Jack Kirby (creator)
  Margaret Atwood (creator)
  C. S. Lewis (creator)
  H. P. Lovecraft (creator)
  John Williams (creator)
  Terry Pratchett (creator)
  George Orwell (creator)
  Star Trek (work)
  Dungeons & Dragons (work)
  The Matrix (work)
  Myst (work)
  The Princess Bride (work)
  Wonder Woman (work)
  Blade Runner (work)
  2001: A Space Odyssey (work)
  The X-Files (work)
— 2015 — Kurt Vonnegut
  Georges Méliès
  Jack Gaughan
  John Schoenherr
  James Gunn
— 2014 — Stanley Kubrick
  Hayao Miyazaki
  Olaf Stapledon
  Frank Frazetta
  Leigh Brackett
— 2013 — J. R. R. Tolkien
  Judith Merril
  David Bowie
  Joanna Russ
  H. R. Giger
— 2012 — James Cameron
  James Tiptree, Jr.
  Virgil Finlay
  Joe Haldeman
— 2011 — Moebius
  Vincent Di Fate
  Gardner Dozois
  Harlan Ellison
— 2010 — Octavia E. Butler
  Richard Matheson
  Douglas Trumbull
  Roger Zelazny
— 2009 — Connie Willis
  Frank R. Paul
  Michael Whelan
  Edward L. Ferman
— 2008 — William Gibson (Living Inductee)
  Ian Ballantine & Betty Ballantine (Living Inductee)
  Rod Serling (Posthumous Inductee)
  Richard Powers (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2007 — Gene Wolfe (Living Inductee)
  Ridley Scott (Living Inductee)
  Ed Emshwiller (Posthumous Inductee)
  Gene Roddenberry (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2006 — George Lucas (Living Inductee)
  Anne McCaffrey (Living Inductee)
  Kelly Freas (Posthumous Inductee)
  Frank Herbert (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2005 — Steven Spielberg (Living Inductee)
  Ray Harryhausen (Living Inductee)
  Chesley Bonestell (Posthumous Inductee)
  Philip K. Dick (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2004 — Brian W. Aldiss (Living Inductee)
  Harry Harrison (Living Inductee)
  E. E. "Doc" Smith (Posthumous Inductee)
  Mary Shelley (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2003 — Wilson Tucker (Living Inductee)
  Kate Wilhelm (Living Inductee)
  Damon Knight (Posthumous Inductee)
  Edgar Rice Burroughs (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2002 — Michael Moorcock (Living Inductee)
  Samuel R. Delany (Living Inductee)
  James Blish (Posthumous Inductee)
  Donald Wollheim (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2001 — Jack Vance (Living Inductee)
  Ursula K. Le Guin (Living Inductee)
  Alfred Bester (Posthumous Inductee)
  Fritz Leiber (Posthumous Inductee)
— 2000 — Poul Anderson (Living Inductee)
  Gordon R. Dickson (Living Inductee)
  Eric Frank Russell (Posthumous Inductee)
  Theodore Sturgeon (Posthumous Inductee)
— 1999 — Robert Silverberg (Living Inductee)
  Ray Bradbury (Living Inductee)
  A. Merritt (Posthumous Inductee)
  Jules Verne (Posthumous Inductee)
— 1998 — Hal Clement (Living Inductee)
  Frederik Pohl (Living Inductee)
  C. L. Moore (Posthumous Inductee)
  Robert A. Heinlein (Posthumous Inductee)
— 1997 — Arthur C. Clarke (Living Inductee)
  Andre Norton (Living Inductee)
  Isaac Asimov (Posthumous Inductee)
  H. G. Wells (Posthumous Inductee)
— 1996 — A. E. van Vogt (Living Inductee)
  Jack Williamson (Living Inductee)
  Hugo Gernsback (Posthumous Inductee)
  John W. Campbell (Posthumous Inductee)

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