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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Craft, Kinuko Y. -C -T
Craig, Daniel
Craig, Stuart
Cramer, John G. -C -T
Cramer, Kathryn -C -T
Crane, Marian
Cranford, Jeremy
Cranor, Jeffrey
Crary, Colleen
Crawford, Bill
Crawford, F. Marion
Crawford, Gary W.
Crawford, Gary William -C -T
Crawford, William L.
Creasey, Ian
Creasy, Sara
Creek, Dave
Crepeau, Yves
Crew, Gary -C -T
Crewe, Megan
Crews, Harry
Cribb, Victoria
Crichton, Michael -C -T
Crider, Bill
Crinon, Jean-Louis
Crippe, Colleen
Crisp, Caleb
Crisp, Quentin S.
Crisp, Steven
Crispin, Ann
Crispin, Edmund
Crispin, Jessa
Critchlow, Carl
Croft, Janet Brennan
Croggon, Alison
Croke, Marie
Croll, Christy
Croly, George
Crone, Moira
Cronenberg, David
Cronin, Justin
Crook, Tyler
Crosby, Jeff
Cross, Gail
Cross, Janine
Cross, John Keir
Cross, Polton
Cross, Rebecca
Cross, Ronald Anthony
Crosshill, Tom -C -T
Crossley, Robert
Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Crowe, Catherine
Crowe, Edith L.
Crowe, Ira
Crowe, Jonathan
Crowell, Benjamin
Crowley, John -C -T
Crowley, Nathan
Crowley, Stephen J.
Crowther, Jeff
Crowther, Nicky
Crowther, Peter -C -T
Crump, Randell
Crutcher, Chris
Csicsery-Ronay, Istvan, Jr.
Cuarón, Alfonso
Cuarón, Jonás
Cubellis, Amy
Cuirle, Walter F.
Culbard, I. N. J.
Cullen, Tony
Cummings, Darren Clark
Cummings, Katherine
Cummings, Ray
Cummings, Shane Jiraiya -C -T
Cunningham, A. E.
Cunningham, Michael
Cuntz-Leng, Vera
Cupitt, Cathy
Cupp, Scott A.
Curcio, Joe
Curran, Kim
Currey, L. W.
Currie, Justin
Currie, Ron, Jr.
Currier, Jameson
Curry, Chris
Curtis, Betsy
Curtis, Rebecca
Curtis, Richard
Curval, Philippe
Cusack, Louise
Cushing, Nicole
Cushman, Carolyn
Cutler, Judy Goffman
Cutler, Laurence S.
Cutter, Leah R.
Cutter, Nick
Cypess, Leah
Czeczko, Terri
Czerneda, Julie E. -C -T
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