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Endeavour Award finalists 29 new and updated pages.

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Citation Raw Counts A first crude tally of titles referenced by the Citation Sources posted just over a year ago, listed at There are many more citation sources to post, some substantial; I’ve already compiled them, but need to hold off posting them until I can check and verify bibliographic details (year of publication and publisher) […]

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Seiun Awards winners This is Ken Liu’s fifth award for “The Paper Menagerie”.

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FAQs and Stats

As I alluded yesterday on Facebook, I have started implementing various FAQ and tally and statistics pages on this site that were part of the old site, the Locus Index to SF Awards. As I said on Facebook, I’m rethinking all of these pages, and don’t plan to reproduce all of the old ones. For […]

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Complete Locus Poll Results 500 new and updated pages. However there are so many pages for an annual Locus Poll update, including the All Nominees page, which even as a text file, is over 2mb, that updates for this award/poll have crashed my FTP program three times this evening before completing what I hope is a full upload […]

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