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Where and When: Swancon 43, Perth, Australia : April 2, 2018
Eligibility Year: 2017
Novella Or Novelette
Short Story
  • Winner: “A Pearl Beyond Price”, Janeen Webb (Cthulhu Deep Down Under Vol 1)
  • “A Harem of Six Legs”, Edwina Harvey (An Eclectic Collection of Stuff and Things)
  • “Mr Mycelium”, Claire McKenna (Ecopunk!)
  • “Prayers to Broken Stone”, Cat Sparks (Kaleidotrope Spr 2017)
  • “Trivalent”, Rivqa Rafael (Ecopunk!)
Collected Work
Fan Publication In Any Medium
Fan Artist
  • Winner: Lewis Morley for Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body by Petrie Simon (Peggy Bright)
  • The Grief Hole Illustrated: An Artist’s Sketchbook Companion to Kaaron Warren’s Supernatural Thriller, Keely Van Order (IFWG Australia)
New Talent
William Atheling Jr. Award For Criticism Or Review
  • Winner: “Reflecting on Indigenous Worlds, Indigenous Futurisms and Artificial Intelligence”, Ambelin Kwaymullina (Mother of Invention)
  • Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler, Alexandra Pierce & Mimi Mondal (Twelfth Planet)
  • “Science fiction and climate fiction: contemporary literatures of purpose”, Cat Sparks (Ecopunk!)
  • Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination, Russell Blackford (Springer)
  • Star Trek: Discovery reviews, Liz Barr (No Award)

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