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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Gladney, Heather
Gladstone, Max -C -T
Glanzman, Sam
Glas, Thea
Glass, Alexander
Glass, James C.
Gleason, Elena
Gleason, Rebecca
Gleason, William
Gleick, James
Gleim, Quintin
Gleitzman, Morris
Glenn, Lois
Glenn, Nancy Tyler
Glennon, Paul
Glicksohn, Michael -C
Gloag, John
Gloss, Molly -C -T
Glyder, Kimberly
Glyer, Diana Pavlac
Glyer, Mike -C
Gnam, Carl
Gobert, Fabrice
Goble, Lou
Godbey, Cory
Godbout, Neil
Godchaux, Stephen
Goddard, Drew
Goddard, Gina
Goddard, Staci
Godfrey, Daniel
Godwin, Francis
Godwin, Jane
Godwin, Parke -C -T
Godwin, Tom
Godwin, William
Goelman, Ari
Goffar, Janine
Goffin, Dallas
Goingback, Owl -C -T
Gold, H. L. -C -T
Gold, Kyell
Goldbarth, Albert
goldberg, d. g. k.
Goldbloom, Goldie
Golden, Christopher -C -T
Golden, Raya
Goldin, Stephen
Golding, William
Goldman, David W. -C -T
Goldman, E. M.
Goldman, Jane
Goldman, Sarah
Goldman, William
Golds, Cassandra
Goldsmith, Cele -C
Goldsmith, Dr. Maurice
Goldsmith, Michelle
Goldstein, Lisa -C -T
Goldstone, Lou, Jr.
Golitz, Vanessa
Gollub, Dan
Gombrowicz, Witold
Gómez, Guillem Sánchez
Gomez, Jewelle
Gomoll, Jeanne -C -T
Gondry, Michel
Gong-Wong, Kirsten -C
González, Manuel
Gonzalez, Manuel
Gonzalez, Osvaldo
Gonzalez, Victor
Goobie, Beth
Goodfellow, Peter
Goodhew, Linda
Goodin, Laura
Goodkind, Terry -C -T
Goodloe, Lee
Goodman, Alison M. -C -T
Goodman, Cory
Goodman, David A.
Goodman, David Zelag
Goodwin, Archie
Goonan, Kathleen Ann -C -T
Goossens, Darren
Gopnik, Adam
Gordon, Alan
Gordon, Alan Ira
Gordon, Edmund
Gordon, Gug
Gordon, Jerry
Gordon, Joan
Gordon, John
Gordon, Rex
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Stuart
Gordon-Wise, Barbara Ann
Gore, Philip
Gorey, Edward -C -T
Gorinsky, Liz -C
Gorman, Ed -C -T
Gorman, LeRoy
Gorman, Mike
Gormley, Adrienne
Gorodischer, Angélica
Goss, Theodora -C -T
Gossow, Kathryn
Gotlieb, Phyllis -C -T
Goto, Hiromi -C -T
Gotschalk, Felix C.
Gotthelf, Jeremias
Gottlieb, Daphne
Gottlieb, Sherry
Goudge, Elizabeth
Goulart, Ron -C -T
Gould, Jason
Gould, Lois
Gould, Robert
Gould, Steven -C -T
Gower, Tina
Goyer, David S.
Grace, Alexander M., Sr.
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