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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Travers, Elizabeth
Travers, P. L.
Travis, John
Travis, Tia V.
Traviss, Karen -C -T
Tredowski, Adam -C -T
Treece, Henry
Tregenna, Catherine
Tregillis, Ian
Tregonning, Melanie
Treleaven, Scott
Tremaine, F. Orlin
Tremblay, François-Bernard
Tremblay, Kaitlin
Tremblay, Paul G. -C -T
Trenholm, Hayden -C -T
Trent, Brian
Trent, Letitia
Triffitt, Lyn
Trimble, Bjo -C
Trimble, John
Trimble, Terri
Trimm, Mikal
Trombi, Liza Groen -C
Trondheim, Lewis
Trota, Michi
Trotter, William
Trowbridge, Carly
Trudel, Jean-Louis
Trudel, John D.
Trueman, Chrysostom
Truesdale, David -C
Trujillo, Gabriel
Truman, Tim
Trumbo, Dalton
Trumbull, Douglas
Truscott, Gary
Truslow, Tori
Tryon, Thomas
Tryon, Tom
Tsai, Kuo Jung
Tseng, Tina
Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin
Tsutsui, Yasutaka
Tubb, E. C.
Tucciarone, Joe
Tuck, Donald H. -C -T
Tucker, Ezra
Tucker, Wilson -C -T
Tuerk, Richard Carl
Tulloch, Richard
Tumasonis, Don
Tuning, William
Tunstall, Danielle
Turek, Leslie -C
Turner, Alice K.
Turner, Cindy
Turner, Delia Marshall
Turner, Gary
Turner, George -C -T
Turner, James
Turner, Marc
Turner, Max
Turner, Megan Whalen
Turner, Rebekah
Turner, Rodger
Turner, Ron
Turner, Steve
Turnshek, Diane
Turpin, Darren
Turtledove, Harry -C -T
Turtschaninoff, Maria
Turzillo, Mary A. -C -T
Tuttle, Lisa -C -T
Tuxbury, Larry David
Twain, Mark
Twigg, Malcolm
Twohy, David
Tymn, Marshall B. -C -T
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