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Hugo covers

Took the afternoon off and spent four hours scanning, mostly, missing covers from Hugo-nominated novels, after which I re-assembled and rebuilt the Hugo pages, a few minutes ago. I already had most covers since 1988 or 1989 or so — since I’ve been posting new books pages on Locus Online — but before that, I […]

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This Week’s Build

13,120 pages rebuilt last night and this morning – actually, 13,120 files, since some are menu files that are included in other pages rather than appearing individually. Still, there are only about 100 of those (one for each award), and so the site has right about 13,000 viewable pages. Ideally, every one of those pages […]

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All listings and name pages rebuilt yesterday, and uploaded by this morning, with updated data through July 2012. Still numerous formatting and layout tweaks to make before site goes live.

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The Science Fiction Awards Database is a rebranding and ongoing expansion of the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards. This new site simplifies the indexing, with individual pages for each nominee (under the ‘Names’ tab, above), and uses server processing to hide file extensions and subdirectories, providing clean (permanent) URLs, e.g. The initial […]

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