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Where and When: NewYorCon (NyCon II), New York NY : August 31, 1956 - September 3, 1956
Eligibility Year: 1954-1956
Short Story
Fan Magazine
  • Winner: Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser, Ron Smith, ed.
  • A Bas
  • Fantasy-Times
  • Grue
  • Hyphen
  • Oblique
  • Peon
  • Psychotic-SF Review
  • Skyhook
Most Promising New Author
The New York convention added three categories -- none of which survived in the long-run: feature writer, book reviewer, and most promising new writer [though this last could be seen as a progenitor of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer].

Update September 2017: Finalists for this year's Hugo Awards were just discovered and released at

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