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Where and When: MagiCon, Orlando FL : September 3, 1992 - September 7, 1992
Eligibility Year: 1991
Associated Awards: John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (also listed below)
  • Winner: “Beggars in Spain”, Nancy Kress (Asimov's Apr 1991; Axolotl)
  • “And Wild for to Hold”, Nancy Kress (Asimov's Jul 1991; What Might Have Been? Vol. 3: Alternate Wars)
  • The Gallery of His Dreams, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Pulphouse/Axolotl; Asimov's Sep 1991)
  • Griffin's Egg, Michael Swanwick (Legend; St. Martin's)
  • “Jack”, Connie Willis (Asimov's Oct 1991)
  • Winner: “Gold”, Isaac Asimov (Analog Sep 1991)
  • “Dispatches from the Revolution”, Pat Cadigan (Asimov's Jul 1991)
  • “Fin de Cyclé”, Howard Waldrop (Night of the Cooters: More Neat Stories; Asimov's mid-Dec 1991)
  • “Miracle”, Connie Willis (Asimov's Dec 1991)
  • “Understand”, Ted Chiang (Asimov's Aug 1991)
Short Story
  • Winner: “A Walk in the Sun”, Geoffrey A. Landis (Asimov's Oct 1991)
  • “Buffalo”, John Kessel (Fires of the Past: Thirteen Contemporary Fantasies About Hometowns; F&SF Jan 1991)
  • “Dog's Life”, Martha Soukup (Amazing Stories Mar 1991)
  • “In the Late Cretaceous”, Connie Willis (Asimov's mid-Dec 1991)
  • “One Perfect Morning, With Jackals”, Mike Resnick (Asimov's Mar 1991)
  • “Press Ann”, Terry Bisson (Asimov's Aug 1991)
  • “Winter Solstice”, Mike Resnick (F&SF Oct/Nov 1991)
Nonfiction Book
Dramatic Presentation
  • Winner: Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • The Addams Family
  • Beauty and the Beast (Disney movie)
  • The Rocketeer
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Original Artwork
  • Winner: Michael Whelan for The Summer Queen by Joan D. Vinge (Warner Questar)
  • Don Maitz for Heavy Time by C. J. Cherryh (Warner Questar)
  • Bob Eggleton for Lunar Descent by Allen Steele (Ace)
  • Bob Eggleton for “Stations of the Tide” by Michael Swanwick (Asimov's Jan 1991)
  • Thomas Canty for The White Mists of Power by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Roc)
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