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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Hu, Jingxuan
Hu, Te
Huang, Emery
Huang, Mago
Huang, S. L.
Huang, Sabrina
Hubbard, David T.
Hubbard, L. Ron
Hubbard, P. M.
Hubbert, Jim
Hubble, Nick
Huber, Raymond
Huberath, Marek S.
Hüberli, Mirjam H.
Hubley, Brittney
Huchu, T. L.
Huckle, Cindy
Huddleston, Mike
Huddy, Delia
Hudson, Jeffrey S.
Hudson, Leslie
Hudson, Neil James
Hudson, W. H.
Huff, Tanya -C -T
Hufford, Liz
Hugenbruch, Brian
Huggins, Clark
Huggins, G. Scott
Huggins, James Byron
Huggins, Kurt
Hughart, Barry -C -T
Hughes, Adam
Hughes, Amy M.
Hughes, Debbit
Hughes, Edward P.
Hughes, Jerry W., Jr.
Hughes, Matt
Hughes, Matthew -C -T
Hughes, Monica
Hughes, Rhys H.
Hughes, Richard
Hughes, Stuart -C
Hughes, Terry
Hughes, Van Aaron
Hughes, William
Hugi, Maurice A.
Hugi, Maurice G.
Hui, Chi
Hulick, Douglas
Hull, E. Mayne
Hull, Elizabeth Anne
Hull, Gerald
Hull, Harper
Hullender, Greg
Hulse, Ed
Hume, Cyril
Hume, Kathryn
Humphrey, Aaron
Humphrey, Andrew
Humphrey, Claire
Humphrey, Elizabeth L.
Humphreys, Daniel
Humphries, Sam
Hunt, J. J.
Hunt, Jack
Hunt, John
Hunt, Jonathan
Hunt, Julie
Hunt, Laird
Hunt, Lisa -C -T
Hunt, Peter
Hunt, Robert
Hunt, Roy V.
Hunt, Samantha
Hunt, Steven
Hunt, Tarol
Hunt, Violet
Hunt, Walter
Hunt, Walter H.
Hunter, Alan
Hunter, Alexis A.
Hunter, Evan
Hunter, Faith
Hunter, H. D.
Hunter, Mel -C
Hunter, Mollie
Huntington, John
Huntley, Tim
Hurlbut, Kaatje
Hurley, Andrew
Hurley, Kameron -C -T
Hurley, Tonya
Hurmence, Belinda
Hurran, Nick
Hurry, Graeme
Hurst, Mark
Hurston, Zora Neale
Hurtado, Ana
Husberg, Christopher
Huska, Warren
Huso, Anthony
Huston, Charlie
Huston, Mark H
Huston, Ned
Hutchins, Blake
Hutchins, Hazel
Hutchins, Roy
Hutchinson, Dave -C -T
Hutchinson, David
Hutchison, Don -C -T
Hutson, Shaun
Hutson, William -C -T
Huttar, Charles A.
Hutton, Frank J.
Hutton, Roxanne
Huxley, Aldous
Huxley, Julian
Hvide, Brit
Hyde, Gavin
Hyder, Alan
Hylands, Rod
Hyne, C. J. Cutcliffe
Hynes, James
Hypher, Louise
Hyslop, Jess
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