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Where and When: Stoker Weekend, Salt Lake City UT : April 1, 2012
Eligibility Year: 2011
First Novel
Young-adult Novel
Long Fiction
Short Fiction
  • Winner: Demons: Encounters with the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed, John Skipp, ed. (Black Dog & Leventhal)
  • Blood and Other Cravings, Ellen Datlow, ed. (Tor)
  • Epitaphs: The Journal of the New England Horror Writers, Tracy L. Carbone, ed. (Shroud)
  • Supernatural Noir, Ellen Datlow, ed. (Dark Horse)
  • Tattered Souls 2, Frank J. Hutton, ed. (Cutting Block)
Graphic Novel
Poetry Collection
Lifetime Achievement

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