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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 1

Major Awards: 4


Other Awards: 15

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 84

Times Served as Judge: 1

— Career and Special Awards —
Rhysling Awardsfor SF/F poetry, voted by members of the SF Poetry Association
grand master poet — winner

— Major Awards —
Bram Stoker Awardsfor Horror works, voted by Horror Writer's Association professional membership
(17 nominations; 4 wins)

Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest (by Robert Frazier & BB) (Crystal Lake) — poetry collection — nomination

Sacrificial Nights (by BB & Alessandro Manzetti) (Kipple Officina Libraria) — poetry collection — nomination

Resonance Dark and Light (Eldritch) — poetry collection — nomination

Dark Roads: Selected Long Poems 1971-2012 (Dark Renaissance) — poetry collection — nomination

“Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest” (Daily Science Fiction) — short fiction — nomination

Notes from the Shadow City (by BB & Gary William Crawford) (Dark Regions) — poetry collection — nomination

Surrealities (Dark Regions) — poetry collection — nomination

Dark Matters (Bad Moon Books) — poetry collection — winner

Double Visions (Dark Regions) — poetry — nomination

North Left of Earth (Sam's Dot) — poetry — nomination

The Nightmare Collection (Dark Regions) — poetry — winner

The Guardener's Tale (Sam's Dot Publishing) — novel — nomination

Shades Fantastic (Gromagon Press) — poetry — winner

Pitchblende (Dark Regions Press) — poetry collection — winner

Night Smoke (by BB & Marge Simon) (Miniature Sun Press/Quixsilver Press) — poetry collection — nomination

White Space (Dark Regions Press) — poetry collection — nomination

The Complete Accursed Wives (Dark Regions Press/Talisman) — poetry collection — nomination

— Other Awards —
Analog Readers Pollfor stories, articles, and art published by Analog, polled by readers
(2 nominations)

“Paint It Black” — poetry — 3rd place

“The Secret of Cold Fusion” — poetry — 3rd place (tie)

Asimov's Reader Pollfor stories, poems, and art published by Asimov's, polled by readers
(49 nominations; 7 wins)

“In the Quiet Hour” (Asimov's Apr/May 2014) — poem — winner

“Marie Antoinette, 2125” (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2013) — poem — 3rd place

“The Music of Particle Physics” (Asimov's) — poem — 5th place (tie)

“The Last Alchemist” (Asimov's Sep 2009) — poem — 4th place

“Gargoyle People” (Asimov's Apr/May 2008) — poem — 5th place

“The Dimensional Rush of Relative Primes” (Asimov's Apr/May 2007) — poem — winner

“It's Not Easy Being Dead” (Asimov's Feb 2006) — poem — 4th place

“How to Keep an Aging Werewolf Happy” (Asimov's Mar 2005) — poem — 5th place

“Our Robot President” (Asimov's Apr/May 2005) — poem — 2nd place

“Advice on Dealing with Your New Alien Pet” (Asimov's Aug 2004) — poem — 3rd place (tie)

“Heavy Weather” (Asimov's Aug 2004) — poem — winner

“Eight Things Not To Do When the Alien Steps Out of Its Saucer” (Asimov's Apr 2003) — poem — 4th place (tie)

“Etiquette with Your Robot Wife” (Asimov's Jan 2003) — poem — 2nd place

“The Man Who Lives in the Attic” (Asimov's Dec 2003) — poem — 10th place

“Old Robots Calculate Their Options” (Asimov's Dec 2003) — poem — 9th place (tie)

“Arbitrary Night in the University Lab” (Asimov's Feb 2002) — poem — 5th place (tie)

“Curse of the Immortal's Husband” (Asimov's Dec 2002) — poem — 3rd place

“Eight Things Not to Do or Say When a Mad Scientist Moves into Your Neighborhood” (Asimov's Jul 2002) — poem — winner

“Eight Things Not to Say When You Meet the Devil in Hell” (Asimov's Jul 2002) — poem — 6th place (tie)

“Ten Things Not to Say When You Meet a Famous SF Writer” (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2001) — poem — 3rd place

“My Wife Returns As She Would Have It” (Asimov's Mar 2000) — poem — 3rd place

“Another Short Horror Story” (Asimov's Oct/Nov 1999) — poem — 7th place (tie)

“Beware the Werecanary!” (Asimov's Oct/Nov 1999) — poem — 2nd place

“Curse of the Fantasy Writer's Wife” (Asimov's Sep 1999) — poem — 4th place

“Curse of the Incubus' Wife” (Asimov's Jun 1999) — poem — 8th place

“Down in Your Bones Only You Alone Know” (Asimov's Oct/Nov 1999) — poem — 6th place (tie)

“Mathematical Limericks” (Asimov's Sep 1999) — poem — 7th place (tie)

“Curse of the SF Editor's Wife” (Asimov's Dec 1998) — poem — 3rd place

“Curse of the Super-Hero's Wife” (Asimov's Apr 1998) — poem — 5th place (tie)

“Gravity Drives the Blood and Bends the Light” (Asimov's Mar 1998) — poem — 5th place (tie)

“Human/Technological Dimensions on the Eve of the Bimillennium” (Asimov's Feb 1998) — poem — 7th place (tie)

“Curse of Medusa's Husband” (Asimov's Jun 1997) — poem — 6th place

“Curse of the Science Fiction Writer's Wife” (Asimov's Jan 1996) — poem — winner

“Love Song of the Holo-Celebs” (Asimov's Jun 1996) — poem — 5th place (tie)

“Curse of the Clone's Wife” (Asimov's Feb 1995) — poem — 7th place (tie)

“Curse of the Cyborg's Wife” (Asimov's Sep 1995) — poem — 8th place (tie)

“Curse of the Time Traveler's Wife” (Asimov's Apr 1995) — poem — 9th place

“Future Present: A Lesson in Expectation” (Asimov's Mar 1995) — poem — 7th place (tie)

“Curse of the Angel's Wife” (Asimov's Aug 1993) — poem — 6th place

“Curse of the Shapeshifter's Wife” (Asimov's Nov 1993) — poem — winner

“Curse of the Telepath's Wife” (Asimov's Aug 1993) — poem — 2nd place

“In Praise of Timeliness” (Asimov's Apr 1992) — poem — 7th place

“Curse of the Alien's Wife” (Asimov's Aug 1990) — poem — 5th place

“A Missionary of the Mutant Rain Forest” (Asimov's Oct 1990) — poem — 4th place (tie)

“The Curse of the Ghost's Wife” (Asimov's Jan 1989) — poem — 6th place

“The Curse of the Sasquatch's Wife” (Asimov's Aug 1989) — poem — 3rd place (tie)

“Old Robots Are the Worst” (Asimov's Oct 1989) — poem — winner

“Three Evocations of the Mutant Rain Forest” (Asimov's mid-Dec 1989) — poem — 3rd place (tie)

“Curse of the Demon's Wife” (Asimov's Aug 1987) — poem — 5th place

Elgin Awardsfor poetry chapbooks and books, presented by the SF Poetry Association
(3 nominations)

Dark Roads: Selected Long Poems 1971-2012 (Dark Renaissance Books) — Book — 2nd place

Dark Roads (Dark Renaissance Books) — Book — 3rd place

Notes from the Shadow City (by BB & Gary William Crawford) (Dark Regions Press) — Book — 2nd place

Readercon Awardsfor small press books and magazines, voted by members of Readercon
(1 nomination; 1 win)

poet — winner

Rhysling Awardsfor SF/F poetry, voted by members of the SF Poetry Association
(12 nominations; 8 wins)

“Music of the Stars” (2013 Balticon Program Book) — short poem — 3rd place

“Dark Rains Here and There” — long poem — 2nd place

“Pavane for a Cyber-Princess” — long poem — 2nd place (tie)

“My Wife Returns As She Would Have It” (Asimov's Mar 2000) — short poem — winner

“The Lesions of Genetic Sin” (Perihelion Broadside Series) — long poem — 3rd place (tie)

“Confessions of a Body Thief” (Talisman) — short poem — winner

“Future Present: A Lesson in Expectation” (Asimov's Mar 1995) — short poem — winner

“Spacer's Compass” (Specula) — short poem — winner (tie)

“In the Darkened Hours” (The Nightmare Collector) — long poem — winner (tie)

“The Nightmare Collector” (Night Cry Spring 1987) — short poem — winner (tie)

“For Spacers Snarled in the Hair of Comets” (Asimov's Apr 1984) — short poem — winner

— As Judge —
Philip K. Dick Awardfor SF original paperback published in the US, juried

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