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Where and When: Brisbane : January 26, 2008
Eligibility Year: 2007
Golden Aurealis Novel
Golden Aurealis Short Story
  • Winner: “Hollywood Roadkill”, Cat Sparks (On Spec #69)
Sf Novel
Sf Short Story
  • Winner: “Hollywood Roadkill”, Cat Sparks (On Spec #69)
  • “Arctica”, Cat Sparks (Fantastic Wonder Stories)
  • “The Eyes of Erebus”, Chris McMahon (Daikaiju! 2 - Revenge of the Giant Monsters)
  • “Lonely as Life”, Simon Brown (Fantastic Wonder Stories)
  • “Whitey”, Penelope Love (Shadow Plays)
Fantasy Novel
Fantasy Short Story
  • Winner: “Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again”, Garth Nix (Jim Baen's Universe Apr 2007)
  • “An Account of an Experiment by Adam Browne”, Adam Browne (Orb #7)
  • “The Angel Wood”, Angela Slatter (Shimmer Nov 2006)
  • “A Lady of Adestan”, Cat Sparks (Orb #7)
  • “The Perfume Eater”, R. J. Astruc (Strange Horizons 17 Jul 2007)
Horror Novel
Horror Short Story
  • Winner: “The Jeweller of Second-Hand Roe”, Anna Tambour (Subterranean #7)
  • “Black Betty”, Ben Peek (Lone Star Stories)
  • “The Dark and What It Said”, Rick Kennett (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #28)
  • “Special Perceptions”, Richard Harland (At Ease with the Dead)
  • “Toother”, Terry Dowling (Eclipse)
Young Adult Novel
Young Adult Short Story
Children's Long Fiction
  • Winner: The Butterfly in Amber (The Chain of Charms 6), Kate Forsyth (Pan Macmillan)
  • Winner: The Cat's Eye Shell (The Chain of Charms 4), Kate Forsyth (Pan Macmillan)
  • Winner: The Herb of Grace (The Chain of Charms 3), Kate Forsyth (Pan Macmillan)
  • Winner: The Lightning Bolt (The Chain of Charms 5), Kate Forsyth (Pan Macmillan)
  • Winner: The Silver Horse (The Chain of Charms 2), Kate Forsyth (Pan Macmillan)
  • Dragon Moon, Carole Wilkinson (Black Dog Books)
  • The Key to Rondo, Emily Rodda (Omnibus Books)
  • A Mystery of Wolves, Isobelle Carmody (Penguin Books)
Children's Short Fiction
Peter Mcnamara Convenors' Award

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