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Eligibility Year: 2012
  1. Winner: “Nightfall on the Peak of Eternal Light”, William Gleason & Richard Lovett
  2. “Doctor Alien and the Spindles of Infinity”, Rajnar Vajra
  3. “The Moon Belongs to Everyone”, K. C. Ball & Michael Alexander
  4. “The Conquest of the Air”, Rob Chilson
  5. “Project Herakles”, Stephen Baxter
  1. Winner: “Ninety Thousand Horses”, Sean McMullen
  2. (tie): “Elmira”, Michael F. Flynn
  3. (tie): “The Journeyman: On the Short-Grass Prairie”, Michael F. Flynn
  4. “The Liars”, Juliette Wade
  5. “Nahiku West”, Linda Nagata
Short Story
  1. Winner: “Titanium Soul”, Catherine Shaffer
  2. “A Delicate Balance”, Kevin J. Anderson
  3. (tie): “A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”, N. M. Cedeno
  4. (tie): “Tech Support”, Richard A. Lovett
  5. “Cats Know”, Richard A. Lovett
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “Faster Than a Speeding Electron”, Edward M. Lerner
  2. “Is the Moon a Babel Fish?”, John Gribbin
  3. “The Day the Sun Exploded”, Richard A. Lovett
  4. “Planets (Oops, Planetoids) X, Y, Z, and W: What the Kuiper Belt Teaches About the Dawn of the Solar System”, Richard A. Lovett
  5. “The Earth Dies Screaming: Radiation Threats from Beyond”, Adrian L. Melott
  1. Winner: Michael Whelan for Analog Oct 2012
  2. Vincent Di Fate for Analog Jul/Aug 2012
  3. Tomislav Tikulin for Analog Jun 2012
  4. David A. Hardy for Analog Apr 2012
  5. Donato Giancola for Analog Sep 2012

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