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Eligibility Year: 1997
  1. Winner: “Starsong”, Timothy Zahn (Analog Jul/Aug 1997)
  2. “Loose Ends”, Paul Levinson (Analog May 1997)
  3. “Billy's Bunter”, Walter F. Cuirle (Analog Jul/Aug 1997)
  4. “The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring”, Wolf Read (Analog Jun 1997)
  1. Winner: “Trial by Ordeal”, Grey Rollins (Analog Nov 1997)
  2. “Ask Arlen”, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (Analog Sep 1997)
  3. “Easter Egg Hunt: A Christmas Story”, Jeffery D. Kooistra (Analog Dec 1997)
  4. (tie): “Gideon”, Michael F. Flynn (Analog Mar 1997)
  5. (tie): “Variations in DreamPaint”, Marc Stiegler (Analog Oct 1997)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “Already in Heaven”, Brian Plante (Analog Jul/Aug 1997)
  2. (tie): “On the Application of Quantum Probability Tunneling to Improve Manufacturability of Printed Circuit Board Designs: A Case Study”, Rick Cook & Peter L. Manly (Analog May 1997)
  3. (tie): “Waiting for the Riddlers”, Charles Sheffield (Analog Mar 1997)
  4. (tie): “The Big One”, James Van Pelt (Analog Sep 1997)
  5. (tie): “Last Exit Before the Final Frontier”, Jeffery D. Kooistra (Analog Nov 1997)
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “Cosmological Darwinism”, Richard D. Meisner (Analog Nov 1997)
  2. “Paradigm Shifty Things”, Jeffery D. Kooistra (Analog Jun 1997)
  3. “Just How 'Average' Is the Solar System?”, Stephen L. Ph. D. Gillett (Analog Sep 1997)
  4. “Biology at the Extremes”, Mark S. Lesney (Analog Dec 1997)
  5. “Cold Fusion: The 'Miracle' Is No Mistake”, Dr. Eugene F. Mallove (Analog Jul/Aug 1997)
  1. Winner: J. Hester & P. Scowen, with Arizona State University and NASA for Analog Jan 1997
  2. Bob Eggleton for “O Pioneer!” by Frederik Pohl (Analog Oct 1997)
  3. George H. Krauter for “Crossing Chao Meng Fu” by G. David Nordley (Analog Dec 1997)
  4. John Berkey for Analog May 1997
  5. Ron Walotsky for Analog Nov 1997

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