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Eligibility Year: 1986
  1. Winner: “Eifelheim”, Michael F. Flynn (Analog Nov 1986)
  2. “The Mick of Time”, Spider Robinson (Analog May 1986)
  3. “The Evidence of Things Not Seen”, Timothy Zahn (Analog Jun 1986)
  4. “The Picture by Dora Gray”, Charles L. Harness (Analog Dec 1986)
  5. “The Big Dish”, John Berryman (Analog Nov 1986)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “Phreak Encounter”, Roger MacBride Allen (Analog May 1986)
  2. “Brain in a Pocket”, Rob Chilson (Analog May 1986)
  3. “Godkiller”, P. M. Fergusson (Analog Feb 1986)
  4. “Relics”, J. O. Jeppson (Analog mid-Dec 1986)
  5. “To Fit the Crime”, Joseph H. Delaney (Analog Oct 1986)
Fact Article
  1. Winner: “The Long Stern Case: A Speculative Exercise”, Rick Cook (Analog Jul 1986)
  2. “The Curious Case of the Humanoid Face… on Mars”, Richard C. Hoagland (Analog Nov 1986)
  3. “A Little More Pollution, Please!”, George W. Harper (Analog Oct 1986)
  4. “Making Star Trek Real”, James R. Powell & Charles Pellegrino (Analog Sep 1986)
  5. “Fermi Paradox--The Final Solution?”, Duncan Lunan (Analog May 1986)
  1. Winner: Tom Kidd for “Marooned in Real Time” by Vernor Vinge (Analog May 1986)
  2. Pat Rawlings for “The Big Dish” (Analog Nov 1986)
  3. Vincent Di Fate for “Red Wolf” by Bob Buckley (Analog Jul 1986)
  4. Vincent Di Fate for “Survivor Guilt” by Susan M. Shwartz (Analog Feb 1986)
  5. Doug Beekman for “The Evidence of Things Not Seen” (Analog Jun 1986)

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