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Where and When: Con-Version, Calgary, Alberta : August 9, 2002 - August 11, 2002
Eligibility Year: 2001
Long-form Work In English
Short-form Work In English
  • Winner: “Left Foot on a Blind Man”, Julie E. Czerneda (Silicon Dreams)
  • “After the Internet”, Mark A. Rayner (Western Alumni Gazette Fal 2001)
  • “By Her Hand, She Draws You Down”, Douglas Smith (The Third Alternative #28 Autumn 2001)
  • “The Deed of Snigli”, Marcie Tentchoff (Weird Tales Sum 2001)
  • “Equations”, Mary E. Choo (The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Spr 2001)
  • “The Red Bird”, Douglas Smith (On Spec Sum 2001)
  • “Waking the Dead”, Robert H. Beer (On Spec Fall 2001)
Work In English (other)
  • Winner: Rescue Heroes Cycle II: “Underwater Nightmare”, Isaac Szpindel (tv screenplay)
  • Charles de Lint, for Books to Look For column in F&SF
  • Nancy Kilpatrick, for editing the World Fantasy Convention 2001 CD-ROM
  • “Call of Cthulhu: Unseen Masters”, Bruce Ballon (Chaosium) (gaming supplement)
  • On Spec (The Copper Pig Writers' Society)
  • Wild Things Live There: The Best of Northern Frights, Don Hutchison, ed. (Mosaic Press Sep 2001)
Fan Achievement (fanzine)
Fan Achievement (organizational)
Fan Achievement (other)

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