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Where and When: HalCon, Halifax : September 22, 2017
Eligibility Year: 2016
Ya Novel
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “Marion's War”, Hayden Trenholm (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Age of Miracles”, Robert Runté (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Frog Song”, Erika Holt (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Living in Oz”, Bev Geddes (Strangers Among Us)
  • “Seasons of Glass and Iron”, Amal El-Mohtar (The Starlit Wood)
  • “When Phakack Comes to Steal Papa, a Ti-Jean Story”, Ace Jordyn (On Spec #103)
Related Work
Graphic Novel
Visual Presentation
  • Winner: Arrival
  • Dark Matter
  • Killjoys
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • Orphan Black
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