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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 1

Major Awards: 1


Other Awards: 8

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 76

Times Served as Judge: 1

— Career and Special Awards —
World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members
life achievement — winner

— Major Awards —
Nebula Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by SF & Fantasy Writers of America professional membership
(1 nomination)

Forests of the Heart (Tor) — novel — nomination

World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members
(19 nominations; 2 wins)

Circle of Cats (Viking) — short fiction — nomination

Seven Wild Sisters (Subterranean Press) — novella — nomination

Waifs and Strays (Viking) — collection — nomination

The Onion Girl (Tor) — novel — nomination

Moonlight and Vines (Tor) — collection — winner (tie)

Someplace to be Flying (Tor) — novel — nomination

Trader (Tor) — novel — nomination

The Ivory and the Horn (Tor) — collection — nomination

“The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep” (Snow White, Blood Red) — short story — nomination

Dreams Underfoot (Tor) — collection — nomination

Paperjack (Cheap Street; F&SF Jul 1993) — novella — nomination

“Bridges” (F&SF Oct/Nov 1992) — short story — nomination

Spiritwalk (Tor) — collection — nomination

The Little Country (Morrow) — novel — nomination

Our Lady of the Harbour (Axolotl) — novella — nomination

“The Conjure Man” (After the King: Stories in Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien) — short story — nomination

“Pity the Monsters” (The Ultimate Frankenstein) — short story — nomination

(CdL & Charles R. Saunders) for Triskell Press; Dragonfields — special award, non-professional — nomination

Bram Stoker Awardsfor Horror works, voted by Horror Writer's Association professional membership
(1 nomination)

“Death Leaves an Echo ” (Cafe Purgatorium) — novella/novelette — nomination

British Fantasy Awardsfor fantasy works published in the UK, voted by British Fantasy Society members, juried since 2012
(3 nominations)

Moonlight and Vines (Tor) — collection — nomination

Someplace to be Flying (Tor; Macmillan) — August Derleth Award (novel) — nomination

“China Doll” (The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams) — short fiction — nomination

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(23 nominations)

The Blue Girl (Viking) — young adult book — 4th place

Seven Wild Sisters (Subterranean Press) — novella — 4th place

Waifs and Strays (Viking) — collection — 10th place

The Onion Girl (Tor) — fantasy novel — 6th place

Forests of the Heart (Tor) — fantasy novel — 8th place

Triskell Tales (Subterranean Press) — collection — 13th place

Moonlight and Vines (Tor) — collection — 8th place

Someplace to be Flying (Tor) — fantasy novel — 8th place (tie)

Trader (Tor) — fantasy novel — 8th place

The Ivory and the Horn (Tor) — collection — 7th place

Memory & Dream (Tor) — fantasy novel — 5th place

“The Bone Woman” (F&SF Aug 1993) — short story — 4th place

Dreams Underfoot (Tor) — collection — 11th place

The Little Country (Morrow) — fantasy novel — 2nd place

Our Lady of the Harbour (Axolotl) — novella — 9th place

Drink Down the Moon (Ace) — fantasy novel — 9th place

Ghostwood (Pulphouse) — fantasy novel — 11th place

Greenmantle (Ace) — fantasy novel — 8th place

“Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair” (Asimov's Nov 1987) — novelette — 25th place

Yarrow (Ace) — fantasy novel — 23rd place

Mulengro (Ace) — fantasy novel — 12th place

Moonheart (Ace) — fantasy novel — 21st place

The Riddle of the Wren (Ace) — first novel — 7th place

— Other Awards —
Aurora Awardsfor Canadian SF/F in English and in French, voted by members of annual convention
(13 nominations; 3 wins)

The Onion Girl (Tor) — best of the decade — nomination

Out of This World (Razorbill Canada) — YA novel — winner (tie)

Under My Skin (Razorbill Canada) — YA novel in English — winner

for Books to Look For column in F&SF — work in English (other) — nomination

Someplace to be Flying (Tor) — long-form work in English — nomination

Trader (Tor) — long-form work in English — nomination

The Little Country (Morrow) — long-form, English — nomination

“Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen ” (Author's Choice Monthly Issue 22: Hedgework and Guessery) — short-form, English — nomination

“The Fair in Emain Macha” — short-form, English — nomination

“Freewheeling” — short-form, English — nomination

Jack the Giant Killer (Ace) — long-form, English — winner

Yarrow (Ace) — outstanding work, English — nomination

Mulengro — long-form, English — nomination

Balrog Awardsfor fantasy works, presented an annual FoolsCon in Kansas City
(3 nominations)

“A Pattern of Silver Strings” (The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 8) — short fiction — nomination

for editing Dragonfields — amateur achievement — nomination

“The Fane of the Grey Rose ” (Swords Against Darkness IV) — short fiction — nomination

HOMer Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by members of SF/F forum on CompuServe
(1 nomination; 1 win)

The Little Country (Morrow) — fantasy novel — winner

Mythopoeic Awardsfor fantasy works in the spirit of the Inklings, voted by members of the Mythopoeic Society
(5 nominations)

Forests of the Heart (Tor) — adult literature — nomination

Someplace to be Flying (Tor) — adult literature — nomination

Trader (Tor) — adult literature — nomination

The Little Country (Morrow; Tor 1993) — adult fantasy — nomination

Moonheart — fantasy — nomination

Prix Ozonefor SF/F/H works published in France
(1 nomination; 1 win)

“Timeskip” — fantasy novella, foregin — winner

Readercon Awardsfor small press books and magazines, voted by members of Readercon
(1 nomination; 1 win)

The Drowned Man's Reef (Triskell Press) — short work — winner

Sunburst Awardfor novel or book-length collection by a Canadian, juried
(4 nominations; 1 win)

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest (Little, Brown) — Young Adult — winner

The Painted Boy (Penguin Young Reader Group) — Young Adult — nomination

The Mystery of Grace (Tor) — Adult — nomination

Dingo (Viking) — Young Adult — nomination

William L. Crawford - IAFA Fantasy Awardfor first fantasy book, juried
(1 nomination; 1 win)


— As Judge —
World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members

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