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Where and When: Can-Con, Ottawa : October 4, 2013 - October 6, 2013
Eligibility Year: 2012
Novel In English
Ya Novel In English
Short Fiction In English
  • Winner: “The Walker of the Shifting Borderland”, Douglas Smith (On Spec #90, Fall 2012)
  • “Delta Pi”, Matt Moore (Torn Realities Post Mortem Press)
  • “Happily Ever After”, Marie Bilodeau (When the Villain Comes Home Dragon Moon Press)
  • “Knights Exemplar”, Al Onia (On Spec #90, Fall 2012)
  • “Synch Me, Kiss Me, Drop”, Suzanne Church (Clarkesworld #68, May 2012)
Related Work In English
Graphic Novel In English
Poem/song In English
  • Winner: “A sea monster tells his story”, David Clink (The Literary Review of Canada Jul/Aug 2012)
  • “The Ghost of Birds”, Helen Marshall (Phantom Drift 2: Valuable Estrangements Wordcraft of Oregon)
  • “Hold Fast”, Leah Bobet (Strange Horizons 11 Jun 2012)
  • “Roc”, Sandra Kasturi (Come Late to the Love of Birds Tightrope Books)
  • “Zombie Descartes Writes a Personal Ad”, Carolyn Clink (Tesseracts Sixteen EDGE)
  • Winner: Erik Mohr, for cover art for ChiZine Publications
  • Richard Bartrop, for illustrations for fiction on Reality Skimming blog
  • GMB Chomichuk, for Raygun Gothic, Alchemical Press
  • Costi Gurgu, for cover art for Inner Diverse, Starfire World Syndicate
  • Michelle Milburn, for cover art for Gathering Storm and Healer's Sword, EDGE
Fan Publication
Fan Organizational
Fan Filk
Fan Related Work
  • Winner: Ron Friedman (conception and delivery of the Aurora Awards voter package)
  • Helen Marshall ("The Book is Dead; Long Live the Book!": Some Thoughts on the Coming of eBooks -- lecture at the 2012 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium)
  • Michael Matheson (compilation and maintenance of the Can Spec Fic List)
  • Lloyd Penney (for fanwriting and letter and article writing for fanzines and e-fanzines)
  • Peter Watts ("Hive Minds, Mind Hives" - lecture at Toronto SpecFic Colloquium)
Lifetime Achievement

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