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Eligibility Year: 1991
Long-form, English
Short-form, English
  • Winner (tie): “Breaking Ball”, Michael Skeet (Tesseracts3)
  • Winner (tie): “A Niche”, Peter Watts (Tesseracts3)
  • “Baseball Memories”, Edo van Belkom (Aethlon: The Journal of Sports Literature Vol VII No 1)
  • “The Man Who Would Be Kzin”, S. M. Stirling (Man-Kzin Wars IV)
  • “Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen”, Charles de Lint (Author's Choice Monthly Issue 22: Hedgework and Guessery)
  • “Reaper”, James Alan Gardner (F&SF Feb 1991)
  • “The Water Man”, Ursula Pflug (Tesseracts3)
  • “Why I Hunt Flying Saucers”, Hugh Spencer (On Spec Fall 1991)
Other Work, English
  • Winner: Prisoners of Gravity (tv series) (TVOntario)
Artistic Achievement
  • Winner: Martin Springett (covers, On Spec and Strandia (Farrar, Straus, Giroux))
Fanzine Achievement
Organizational Fan Achievement
Other Fan Achievement

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