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Eligibility Year: 1998
August Derleth Award (novel)
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “The Song My Sister Sang”, Stephen Laws (Scaremongers 2: Redbrick Eden)
  • “The Blue Posts”, Nicholas Royle (The Third Alternative #18 1999)
  • “China Doll”, Charles de Lint (The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams)
  • “Jedella Ghost”, Tanith Lee (Interzone #135 Sep 1998)
  • “Kiss Me with Your Jackal Lips”, Jason Gould (The Third Alternative #15 1998)
  • “Lolicia”, Graham Masterton (Manitou Man: The Worlds of Graham Masterton)
  • “Nevere to be Heard”, Ramsey Campbell (Dark Terrors 4)
  • “Song of the Dawn”, Mike Chinn (The Paladin Mandates)
Small Press
Karl Edward Wagner Award (special Award)

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