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Where and When: HWA Annual Conference, Newark NJ : June 17, 2006
Eligibility Year: 2005
First Novel
Long Fiction
  • Winner: “Best New Horror”, Joe Hill (Postscripts #3)
  • In the Midnight Museum, Gary Braunbeck (Necessary Evil Press)
  • “Some Zombie Contingency Plans”, Kelly Link (Magic for Beginners)
  • “The Things They Left Behind”, Stephen King (Transgressions)
Short Fiction
  • Winner: We Now Pause for Station Identification, Gary Braunbeck (Endeavour Press)
  • “As Others See Us”, Mort Castle (World Horror Convention 2005 Program Book)
  • “Haeckel's Tale”, Clive Barker (Dark Delicacies)
  • “Invisible”, Steve Rasnic Tem (Sci Fiction 2 Mar 2005)
  • “Times of Atonement”, Yvonne Navarro (Taverns of the Dead)
Fiction Collection
Poetry Collection
Specialty Press Award
  • Winner: Necessary Evil Press
Lifetime Achievement
Richard Laymon (president's Award)

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