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Eligibility Year: 2019
Sf Novel
Sf Novella
Sf Short Story
Fantasy Novel
Fantasy Novella
  • Winner: “Scapes Made Diamond”, Shauna O'Meara (Interzone Mar/Apr 2019)
  • “The Final Prologue”, Christopher Sequeira (Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not)
  • “Like Ripples on a Blank Shore”, J. S. Breukelaar (Collision: Stories)
  • “The Orchard”, Ephiny Gale (Andromeda Spaceways Sep 2019)
  • “Out of Darkness”, Chris Mason (Tales of the Lost Volume 1: We All Lose Something)
  • “To Hell and Back”, Michael Pryor (Aurealis #120)
Fantasy Short Story
Horror Novel
Horror Novella
Horror Short Story
Graphic Novel/illustrated Work
Young Adult Novel
Young Adult Short Story
Children's Fiction
Convenors' Award
  • Winner: “Watermarks: Science Fiction, Mitigation and the Mosaic Novel Structure in Australian Climate Fiction”, Jason Nahrung (PhD thesis, University of Queensland)
Announced online July 25, 2020

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