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Where and When: Canberra : April 12, 2015
Eligibility Year: 2014
Sf Novel
Sf Short Story
  • Winner: “Wine, Women and Stars”, Thoraiya Dyer (Analog Jan/Feb 2014)
  • “Dellinger”, Charlotte Nash (Use Only As Directed)
  • “The Executioner Goes Home”, Deborah Biancotti (Review of Australian Fiction Volume 11, Issue 6)
  • “The Glorious Aerybeth”, Jason Fisher (OnSpec Sep 2014)
  • “Happy Go Lucky”, Garth Nix (Kaleidoscope)
Fantasy Novel
Fantasy Short Story
  • Winner: “St Dymphna's School for Poison Girls”, Angela Slatter (Review of Australian Fiction Volume 9, Issue 3)
  • “The Badger Bride”, Angela Slatter (Strange Tales IV)
  • “The Ghost of Hephaestus”, Charlotte Nash (Phantazein)
  • “The Oud”, Thoraiya Dyer (Long Hidden)
  • “Teratogen”, Deb Kalin (Cemetery Dance May 2014)
Horror Novel
Horror Short Story
  • Winner: Home and Hearth, Angela Slatter (Spectral Press)
  • “By the Moon's Good Grace”, Kirstyn McDermott (Review of Australian Fiction Volume 12, Issue 3)
  • “The Executioner Goes Home”, Deborah Biancotti (Review of Australian Fiction Volume 11, Issue 6)
  • “Shay Corsham Worsted”, Garth Nix (Fearful Symmetries)
  • “Skinsuit”, James Bradley (Island Magazine 137)
Graphic Novel/illustrated Work
Young Adult Novel
Young Adult Short Story
Children's Fiction
Convenors' Award
  • Winner: Night Terrace (team)
Winners this year include the first Aurealis nominations and wins for Julia Rios and Jaclyn Moriarity, and first wins after prior nominations for Justine Larbalestier, Tim Molloy, Dirk Flinthart, and Carole Wilkinson.

Repeat winners include Marianne de Pierres, with one prior win; Theoraiya Dyer, with three prior wins; Juliet Marillier, with four prior wins; Angela Slatter, with two wins prior to three this year; Alisa Krasnostein, with a Convenors' Award in 2012; and Lisa L. Hannett, with three prior wins.

Of non-winners this year, Garth Nix has a total of 21 Aurealis nominations to date, with 9 wins; Jonathan Strahan has 14 nominations to date, with 4 wins; and Kim Wilkins 14 nominations to date, with 5 wins.

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