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Where and When: World Fantasy Convention, Forth Worth TX : October 15, 1978
Eligibility Year: 1977
Judges: Charles N. Brown, Carl Jacobi, Stephen King, T. E. D. Klein, Karl Edward Wagner
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “The Chimney”, Ramsey Campbell (Whispers)
  • “The Bagful of Dreams”, Jack Vance (Flashing Swords #4: Barbarians and Black Magicians)
  • “Jeffty Is Five”, Harlan Ellison (F&SF Jul 1977)
  • “Loveman's Comeback”, Ramsey Campbell (More Devil's Kisses)
  • “Manatee Gal Ain't You Coming Out Tonight”, Avram Davidson (F&SF Apr 1977)
  • “When All the Children Call My Name”, Charles L. Grant (The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series V)
Special Award, Professional
Special Award, Non-professional
Special Convention Award

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