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Winners announced: June 3, 2023
Where: Canberra

Eligibility Year: 2022
Sf Novel
Sf Novella
  • Winner: Resembling Lepus, Amanda Kool (Grey Matter)
  • Cobalt Blue, Matthew Reilly (Macmillan)
  • “The Goruden-Mairu Job”, T. R. Napper (Night, Rain, and Neon)
  • “The Sisters of Saint Nicola of The Almost Perpetual Motion vs the Lurch”, Garth Nix ( 13 Jul 2022)
Sf Short Story
  • Winner: “As Though I Were a Little Sun”, Grace Chan (Fireside Sep 2022)
  • “Death By Water”, Grace Chan (From the Wasteland)
  • “Fake Plants”, Scott Limbrick (The Furphy Anthology 2022)
  • “One Man Army”, Scott Steensma (Aurealis Nov 2022)
  • “Sharing a Meal at the End of the World”, Anya Ow (Haven Speculative Sep 2022)
  • “Synaesthetics”, Helena O'Connor (Nature Jan 2022)
Fantasy Novel
Fantasy Novella
Fantasy Short Story
Horror Novel
Horror Novella
  • Winner: “Kookaburra Cruel”, Aaron Dries (Damnation Games)
  • “Among the Faded Woods”, Faith Mudge (The Art of Being Human)
  • “Glyphlight”, Matan Elul (The New Mythic)
  • The New Wife, Kirstyn McDermott (Brain Jar Press)
  • “Rat's Alley”, Jeff Clulow (From the Wasteland)
  • “Songs from Dark Annie's Bower”, Angela Slatter (Gaslight Ghouls: Uneasy Tales of Sherlock Holmes)
Horror Short Story
  • Winner: “They Call Me Mother”, Geneve Flynn (Classic Monster Unleashed)
  • “Beach Memories”, Matt Tighe (The NoSleep Podcast Jul 2022)
  • “Dread Circus”, Pamela Jeffs (That is TOO Wrong! An Anthology of Offbeat Horror Vol 2)
  • “The Hunt”, Martin Livings (Light Falling from a Long Dead Star)
  • “Lidless Eyes that See”, Geneve Flynn (From the Wasteland)
  • “Nona Doesn't Dance”, Aaron Dries (Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts)
Graphic Novel/illustrated Work
Young Adult Novel
Young Adult Short Story
Children's Fiction
Convenors' Award

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