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Where and When: Swancon 40, Perth, Australia : April 5, 2015
Eligibility Year: 2014
Novella Or Novelette
Short Story
Collected Work
Fan Publication In Any Medium
Fan Artist
  • Winner: Kathleen Jennings, for body of work, including Fakecon art and Illustration Friday series
  • Nalini Haynes, for body of work, including “Interstellar Park Ranger Bond, Jaime Bond”, “Gabba and Slave Lay-off: Star Wars explains Australian politics”, “The Driver”, and “Unmasked” in Dark Matter Zine
  • Nick Stathopoulos, for movie poster of It Grows!
William Atheling Jr. Award For Criticism Or Review
Only Katherine Stubbs is a first time Ditmar finalist this year. This year's ballot includes Bruce Gillespie's 46th Ditmar nomination (with 21 wins), Alisa Krasnostein's 30th Ditmar nomination (with 10 prior wins and 1 this year), Tansy Rayner Roberts' 35th Ditmar nomination (also with 10 prior wins and an Atheling win this year), Cat Sparks' 28th Ditmar nomination (with 13 prior wins and 1 this year). Note that database limitations do not permit indexing all nominees for two of the fan publications this year. Results this year include Glenda Larke's first Ditmar win, after two prior nominations; Trudi Canavan's second Ditmar win; and Sean Williams' 8th Ditmar win.

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