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Eligibility Year: 2008
Novella Or Novelette
Short Story
  • Winner (tie): “The Goosle”, Margo Lanagan (The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
  • Winner (tie): “This Is Not My Story”, Dirk Flinthart (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #37)
  • “Ass-Hat Magic Spider”, Scott Westerfeld (The Starry Rift)
  • “Her Collection of Intimacy”, Paul Haines (Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine #2)
  • “Moments of Dying”, Robert Hood (Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine #1)
  • “Pale Dark Soldier”, Deborah Biancotti (Midnight Echo #1)
  • “Sammarynda Deep”, Cat Sparks (Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy)
Collected Work
Fan Publication
Fan Writer
Fan Artist
William Atheling Jr. Award For Criticism Or Review
  • Winner: “Popular Genres and the Australian Literary Community: the Case of Fantasy Fiction”, Kim Wilkins (Journal of Australian Studies)
  • “Bad Film Diaries: Sometimes the Brand Burns: Tim Burton and the Planet of the Apes”, Grant Watson (Borderlands #10)
  • “Dark Suspense: The End of the Line”, Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine #3)
  • “George A. Romero: Master of the Living Dead”, Robert Hood (Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine #2)
Professional Achievement
  • Winner: Angela Challis, for Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine, and Brimstone Press
  • Steve Clark, for Tasmaniac Publications
  • Damien Broderick, for fiction editing in Cosmos Magazine
  • James Doig, for preserving colonial Australian horror fiction and his anthologies Australian Gothic and Australian Nightmares
  • Talie Helene, for her work as AHWA news editor
  • Marty Young, for promoting horror through the Australian Horror Writers Association
  • “The Gunny Project: A Tribute to Ian Gunn 1959-1998”, Jocko & K'Rin

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