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Where and When: SFContario 6, Toronto : November 20, 2015 - November 22, 2015
Eligibility Year: 2014
Ya Novel
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “Crimson Sky”, Eric Choi (Analog Jul/Aug 2014)
  • “Jelly and the D-Machine”, Suzanne Church (Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction)
  • “Mecha-Jesus”, Derwin Mak (Wrestling with Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen)
  • “No Sweeter Art”, Tony Pi (Beneath Ceaseless Skies 4 Sep 2014)
  • “Soul-Hungry”, Suzanne Church (Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction)
Related Work
Graphic Novel
  • Winner: “A Hex, with Bees”, Tony Pi (Wrestling with Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen)
  • “Aversions”, Helen Marshall (Goblin Fruit Oct 2014)
  • “The Machine”, David Clink (Wrestling with Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen)
  • “The New Ways”, Amal El-Mohtar (Uncanny Nov 2014)
  • “The Perfect Library”, David Clink (If the World Were to Stop Spinning)
Fan Publication
Fan Organizational
Fan Music
Fan Related Work

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